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Anyone have family who's HAPPY about this baby?

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Seems like there's alot of threads on stupid comments and unsupportive family. Sooo...

: Am I the only one who has support from all corners?

We always said that we'd be done at 2. We even have one of each sex. Then we changed our minds, got pg with #3, and no one has given us any grief at all. They're all ecstatic, in fact. It is really relieving my guilt at overpopulating the world.
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Well, I don't talk to my parents, and i know for a fact they wouldn't be happy about this. My mom, in particular, doesn't want to become a grandmother because then she'd be old. For the record, I'm 24 and been married 2 years, so it's not like this would be unexpected.

My in-laws, however, will be absolutely thrilled. My stepmom-in-law asked us when we were gonna have kids 10 minutes after he proposed (they were there), and at my wedding reception. I've already gotten offers for baby stuff from them. SMIL wants to give me an old changing table, MIL wants to give me a very sturdy old high chair that's gone through, now, (counting...) 7 kids, one of whom was a climber and with no damage to it whatsoever. We'll be announcing at Thanksgiving.
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I am glad you have a supportive family. I have a SIL and brother that are as crunchy if not more so than me and they are VERY happy for us. So I do have support from her.
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We have great support here too. My parents have been amazing and trying to take care of me in little ways (asking if I need anything, help cleaning, out for dinner, etc.). His parents are thrilled to boot. Our friends have been amazing too. We're very blessed.
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great support, all the way around.
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I already know from their reaction in June that his parents will be overjoyed. We even got an apology for how they responded when I was pregnant with DS. This is grandchild number 4 for them. My MIL kept smiling and saying "another baby." the last time. I'm not sure how my father will react. I'm sure I will get a comment about losing all that weight just to get fat again. Step-mom will be happy I'm sure. She was ticked the first time, but she's very religious and we were not married. My mom knows it's coming since I told her we were trying again after the miscarriage. I'm not sure how she will respond though. My mom is a little unbalanced at times.
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My parents and in-laws will be thrilled about a baby! I think they will think it's a lot for us to handle, and it will be (this will be #4), not so much financially, but just holy moly that's a lot of kids to corral/teach/pay attention to, so they will be concerned about that. But they will not say "you made a mistake" or anything like that, I'm sure. They've always been super excited when we've announced pregnancies before, albeit cautious if it's still early. That's kinda why I'm waiting until 12 weeks--that and so I can get used to the idea myself!
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My parents: yes :
In-laws: Probably not
Even though we were actively trying *not* to get pregnant, I'm sure they would somehow find a way to blame this on us being young and irresponsible. (Which is why they don't get to hear the good news until like halfway through...if that!) My MIL also does not support home birth. Figures.
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Oh, yes! Definitely!

We've been struggling with IF for over a year so my Mom was just thrilled when I told her, my sister as well We are not telling any other family until Thanksgiving, but we know everyone will be excited and supportive. I can't imagine going through a pregnancy without the support of my family.
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My family is totally supportive. They've been amazing through this whole depressing saga. The very first time we were pregnant it did startle them, but only because we weren't married yet and hadn't told them that we were "trying". It was only a momentary reaction though. And they were so kind when we lost that one, and the next, and the next, etc The thing is, I haven't told them about this pregnancy yet-- not my parents or my siblings. I guess I'm trying to save them the worry and stress, because they worry about me SO much now with all these miscarriages. LOL-- they haven't seemed to notice that I call WAY more often than usual just b/c I need to talk to my mom, even if it's not about the pg. I figured if everything is ok at the big 12 1/2 week scan, then I'll tell them on Thanksgiving, a week later. They'll all be together so I can just make the one phone call. If I lose this before then, I'll tell them about it then.

My in-laws, I don't know. They don't know anything about this fertility m/c stuff we've been going through. Personally, DH thinks they'll be upset/worried/annoyed with him b/c he's "too old" to be starting a family (again) at 43. I am giving them more credit than that and I think they'll be happy about it. After all, DH didn't think his mom would like me (wrong-- now she seems to like me better than him ), that they wouldn't like the idea of us getting married (since they're Catholic, he's divorced and I'm Jewish)-- wrong again, they were thrilled; and that they wouldn't come to the wedding-- wrong still, they came even though the traveling was very difficult for them. DH's parents keep surprising him, and in a good way. If this pregnancy lasts, I look forward to telling them about it, just to see.
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We have great support all around too. This will be the highly anticipated first grandchild on both sides. Actually, if anything, I'm worried about too much support! I keep hoping one of my SILs will get pregnant right away to take some of the pressure off!
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Great support here! My parents LOVE grandbabies, and they were excited when they read in a magazine article about me that I was planning for #3 next year. They've been waiting for the announcement ever since! This will be grandbaby #7.

The ILs are happy, although my MIL worries about me having "lots of kids". We're stopping at 3, so it's not a lot. But she only had one, and she has a friend who is falling apart after 4 kids. I've told her that I kind of want 4, but DH and I have compromised on 3 (he originally just wanted 2, so we wouldn't be outnumbered). I'm in great health, and my births have been easy on my body so far. I think I could easily handle several more births without falling apart.

Now if this baby ends up a girl, MIL will be THRILLED, as she has a lace addiction and is dying to sew some cute girly stuff. When she showed me the lace she was going to use for the garter for my wedding, her heart started racing. She had bought that lace when DH was 8 years old, specifically to make a garter for his bride. She really LOVES lace. And she loves to sew and embroider. I don't like boutique style boy clothes, so I don't let her sew for my boys(I sew for my own boys, but I use a European design magazine that has trendy boy stuff, not fru-fru stuff ).

My brother and sister are both really happy for me as well, and all my friends. I can't think of anyone in my life that isn't happy for me. I feel bad for those who do have people that aren't happy.
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Our families are very happy!!! Everyone has told Daymon that they are putting their orders in for a girl, since every single grandbaby is a boy!! They all say it in a very loving manner, they can't wait!
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Our families are super, super excited - I get stupid surrogacy comments from random people, not family. This will be the first grandchild for my mom and she is itching to start shopping - lol. My inlaws are super stoked too, this will be their 3rd, the 2nd is expected any day now. I don't really deal well with my dad, so he doesn't know yet. We have been married for 8 years (almost 9 when the baby comes), so it is definitely time!
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our families are all happy! we can't really afford it which might be a concern for my in-laws, but everyone knows we are happy and that has an effect on the rest of the family!
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Originally Posted by chely7425 View Post
Our families are very happy!!! Everyone has told Daymon that they are putting their orders in for a girl, since every single grandbaby is a boy!! They all say it in a very loving manner, they can't wait!
Same here! My parents will have 6 grandsons as of January! But they are cool with another boy, since they are well prepared for boys being around the house. If it's a girl, my dad will dig out the wooden toy high chair that I used to play with when I was a kid. Right now, the wooden train set my dad made (which is REALLY nice and REALLY rugged) is a big hit!

MIL has herself convinced that this will be another boy since we already have 2 boys. I think she's just trying not to be disappointed. I appreciate having less pressure on me than last time!
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Yep! My family is happy and if they aren't, I don't know about it. I've had no unsupportive or rude comments at all so far. Just the most annoying thing is that my SIL asks me if I'm still nursing every time I talk to her.
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We also have really supportive family. This is baby #2 for us....and pg #10 for me. They've been there through all the losses and heartache and will be crying real tears when we finally get to tell them that we're having a baby for real.

Like Mara, we haven't told any family and only a couple of friends so far. That's because they get so excited when we give them the news and I hate letting them down time after time with the later news of a loss. So, I want to wait until about Xmas (2nd tri) before breaking the news. It seems an appropriate time anyway......
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