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Meet The Doulas (Western WA)

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Hi ladies!!!

There is going to be a Meet the Doulas event on December 11th at 6pm in the Mezzanine of the Skagit Co Op. Please note that the doulas attending cover territory ranging from Bellingham down to Seattle (so although it may be a little drive for you to get to us for this event, you're still in territory we cover).

If you have questions about your pregnancy, having a doula, what a doula is/does, or just want to come sit around with other pregnant mamas and chat- come on by!!!! We will have informative hand outs and snacks. We look forward to seeing you there!!! Please pm me or post here if you'd like more info.
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La la la!
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No one's pregnant?

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Doesn't DONA have rules about attending births of clients who are choosing to go unassisted or with a lay unliscensed midwife? It's too bad DONA limits the choices of women who would like a doula but not management.
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I'm not a member of DONA

We were actually just discussing DONA's rules in the birth professionals forum, funny that came up.

I personally would have no issues attending a birth with an unlicensed mw or an unattended birth. I actually spoke with Penny Simkin about that very thing during my training and got some good information.

PM me if you'd like to chat more hon!
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I can bump this all day

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Bump bump! It's coming up soon mamas!
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I'm not pregnant but getting ready to start my Doula training...I might come just to chat with everyone...?!
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That would be absolutely fabulous. I am looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow! :
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Thanks for posting this Doula Dani. I'm sorry I didn't see it earlier. I am just starting out as a BFW Mentor and Doula and I am definitely into networking at this point and getting more involved with the local birth community. It is slow going so far! Please do let me know about similar events or how to find out about them myself. This event was or wasn't a DONA sponsored thing? I guess I'm a little confused.

And how was the event? I hope all went very well!
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It's just something I do with another local doula occassionally

We'll probably have a gathering again spring quarter. Pm me your email and I'll keep it so I know how to contact you when it comes up. I'm moving to Bellingham and I'm consider having an event up there as well.
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