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Who have you told (or not told)?

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I'm only about 7 weeks along, and have only told a close friend and my mom. We are planning on telling everyone else at Christmas, when I'll be a couple weeks into the second trimester.

It's hard keeping it a secret some days though. With my son, we told everybody immediately. On the other hand though, we're planning a homebirth this time so I'm not looking forward to what my in-laws and other people might say about that. (Not that it matters...) So in that regard, it's kind of nice to keep it to ourselves for now.

What about you?
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We've pretty much told everyone. I'm 8 weeks.

If some people aren't friendly to a homebirth, just don't discuss your homebirth plans with them. They'll assume you're going to a hospital until you tell them otherwise.
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We've told just about everyone. The only group that's left is work. I wanted to wait as long as possible, but I'm 9 weeks tomorrow and I think people are going to start to guess pretty soon. My boss is gone all next week so I'll probably tell him when he gets back. Even after all this time I still don't like telling people. It's a weird hang up I guess...
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I've told a handful of friends, my sister, my coworkers (because I work at WIC, and was getting re-certified), all of you, and a couple others it has slipped out to.

My SIL is on MDC, so she and her DH know too.

We haven't told my parents or his parents yet.
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I've told everyone. There's no way I could keep it a secret!
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My husband absolutely could not keep it to himself any longer. He wanted to share with the entire WORLD! haha! I could have kept it quiet for a lot longer (I'm a private person like that). I had told my online friends I met first round of pregnancy so I had a good outlet for sharing We told our parents last weekend and I'm acutally really glad because now I don't have to hide how tired and yucky feeling I am. We live on the same family property as my parents and brother/sil so having them know is much easier really.

And it was fun to tell

I'm 10 weeks something
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My sister and a few friends know but we're not planning on telling our parents until Christmas. I kind of like keeping the secret but I'm having trouble hiding the exhaustion!
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I'm 11 weeks and all of my family and friends know. The majority of the people at my church don't know yet and I've been trying to figure out either the right time to tell them or if I'd rather just let them find out when they find out. I'm leaning towards they'll know eventually...
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I'm almost 8 weeks and have only told a few people - no family yet. We're planning on telling everyone at Thanksgiving, although its been REALLY hard not to blurt it out to my mom. I cant wait!
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I'm 9w and I've told family, our children, DH has told his boss (in an effort to hopefully get sent home for the birth, he'll be deployed otherwise) and I've told just a few friends locally. I don't want to tell everyone until after we hear the hb or see it.

Though I think in about 3 weeks I won't be able to hide it. Can't believe how quickly I got a "belly" this time!!
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We thought we could keep it quiet until 12 weeks, but it has slowly made its way around. (probably partly because of facebook) so most of my friends know, and my family.
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