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Baby movement, how different compared to singleton baby?

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For moms who are/have been pregnant with twins and singletons, how different was the baby movement between the two pregnancies?
With twin pregnancy, is it constant, feeling movement left and right at the same time or one side only or in the middle or top/bottom?
Or was it less movement possibly due to cramped space for two babies in the belly?
I'm preggo with one (22 weeks) but I feel left and right right after another and only handful times, I felt movement in the different spots at the same time. However, when I lay on one side, I feel kicks in the middle and the side I'm laying on at the same time. I just wonder how long/ big the baby can be at my stage for me to feel 2 different spots at the same time. (or how fast can they move within a few seconds).
Just curious and wanted to hear from you guys.
Thank you.
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At first, there was only enough movement for one baby. My twins were "stacked" one on top of the other.

Later, there is no way I could have mistaken it for one baby. It was like a dance party in there all the time.

Ultimately though, without an ultrasound there is no way to know for 100% positive.
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It's hard for me to compare my two pregnancies. My DD1 (singleton) wasn't much of a mover inside the womb (outside of the womb...that's another story!). With my twin pregnancy, I had so many u/s's that I always knew what position the babies were in, so if I felt a movement I immediately knew who it was and usually which body part made the movement. I think the twins moved more because they were constantly pushing against each other and trying to re-position and get comfortable while my DD1 had plenty of room in there all by herself.
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I think each situation is unique. I felt tons of movement all over with my ds, he really was a mover and shaker. With my twin pregnancy, both had an anterior placenta. I rarely, if ever, felt baby boy move, and that scared me pretty constantly. Baby girl moved and rolled a lot, and it was localized to that one side where she was. Everyone kept asking me if it was "cool" to feel 2 babies moving at the same time, and I actually never felt that.
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At 29 weeks our babies are moving so much I actually feel a little "touched out" at times and they aren't even on the outside yet! I have found it significantly different from my first two singleton pregnancies. They were nicely lined up one on each side (and both head down) for a while but I have no idea where they are now...feels like they are almost criss-crossed like an "X" and I'm getting lots of kicks very low down (turn babies turn!!!). When people ask if they are in "sync" I really don't know what to say...there just seems to be movement nearly all the time and ALL over...but I know I will miss it all when they are on the outside
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I felt movement all over even at 22 weeks. I don't remember exactly when it was that I stopped feeling movement all over. I know it was way later on and because DS was so far back in my pelvis, I didn't feel him as much as DD, as she was right in front and up in my ribs.
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Mine were in "spooning" positions and I never felt like there was movement more than a singleton. I would've never guessed twins by movement alone.
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I felt hardly any movement at all till about 20 weeks, but that was 'cause I had an anterior placenta. (A gigantic anterior placenta!)

But by the end it was SO MUCH MORE movement than with my singletons. It freaked out visitors sometimes, because it looked like they were about to break out through my skin! There just was a lot of baby limbs in a little bit of space, you know? They had these dance parties in there, I swear . . . way too many bumps of elbows and knees to be just one.
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I did feel a lot more movement and much sooner, too, than with my singletons but honestly I did not know it was more than normal b/c I simply couldn't remember what the prior times were like. In retrospect though (or at least once I *knew* there were two in there) it seems obvious. I've heard it described like an octopus - if it feels like there's an octopus in there, that's multiples. That pretty much sums it up for me. The movement was just all over the place. I guess it wasn't really that it felt like so much MORE movement - just that it was so spread out at the same time.
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i was just wondering about this same thing! i am about 32 weeks & haven't had any scans. i'm bigger this time around than i was with ds, but generally haven't been measuring ahead of dates. BUT the movements are really throwing me off! i'm feeling the same craziness...i'll feel a strong kick or hit on the lower left side of my uterus while similtaneously a strong kick or hit on the upper right side of my uterus. can one baby be doing that?? my midwife has had a hard time feeling the position of the baby lately, partly because it moves around so much..but maybe there are two & that's why we're confused? not sure, but i've been wondering about it lately. so i don't have advice to offer, just letting you know i'm experiencing the same thing!
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Originally Posted by 2+twins View Post
I've heard it described like an octopus - if it feels like there's an octopus in there, that's multiples.
Ha! An octopus with ELBOWS!
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I didn't feel like I had a lot of extra movement with the twins. I did a few nst at the end and couldn't tell between the two babies at all. The tests always went on and on because baby b didn't move much or respond to movements. She is still my quiet, still child. I always felt bad because the midwives said I should be able to differentiate between the babies by about 20 weeks but I never could. I also couldn't feel my singletons until about 25 weeks and then it just felt like gas.
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i am feeling more movement with this singleton than i did with my twins. if you are feeling movement all over it could be that baby is posterior. mine was for a very long time, and i felt it ALL over.
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