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Thanks. It is amazing how the support of others is such a nice shoulder to lean on right now. A friend told me today that I had 1,000,000 people with me and I feel as though I'm leaning on every single one of them.

Another wife and I visited the Lakewood Police Station today and it was awesome how many letters, flowers, balloons, you name it, was there. There were wreaths even from NYPD. I stayed for about 45 minutes, wrote in their books that are laid out, walked around. I can't bring myself to go to the memorial that's set up at the coffee shop. I don't know if I ever will be ready.

As for the actual memorial on Tuesday, they're expecting about 17,000 people. 200 cops from Boston, 100 from Chicago, 60 from Australia, Mounties, NYPD, Pittsburgh, etc. Should be a 9-hour day from start to finish.

And, sorry, my days are completely running together right now, but I do find it easier to breathe now that I know the murderer is off the streets and can harm no other person. I definitely am taking more time to hug and say goodbye these last few days. It really wakes you up.

On a side note, today was Ronnie's (Officer Owens) birthday. Gone but never forgotten.
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fallen officers
held in our hearts and never forgotten
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I've only read a few posts so far - will come back and read when I can. I can relate to so many things including the first post and the post about black socks being labeled "tactical gear" becoming "must-haves". So glad this group is here.

Anyone else's husband refused vaccines even though recommended by their department/city/county?
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Originally Posted by MamaStarbird View Post
I know you're out there! I'm feeling cranky and need to vent.

Dear DH, I know you love your job and of course I'm thrilled about that big drug bust. But when you leave for work at 1 pm and don't get home until 4:30 am (when I'm waking up with cranky DD who was restless all night) and then go straight to sleep until it's time to go back to work, and then come home at 6 pm for a home-cooked dinner but can't hold DD because you're in uniform, and then go back out on the road until long after she's asleep, and you're working eight days straight this week...I start to get a little pissy. And it's totally out of your control, and you offered to just stay up with DD at 4:30 am so I could sleep in, but then you'd be working without having slept and that would make me worry more than I already do, and I don't blame you at all and I'd never want you to switch careers, but sometimes a husband with a boring old 9-5 job (that pays way more than you're making as a cop) doesn't sound all that bad...
deep breath..

Okay, feeling much better!

How about any other LEO families? Want to share?
I hear ya!! My dh is an amazing husband and father but wow, this job kicks our ass sometimes!! I look forward to the few days when I can get a real shower... you know, one that lasts more than 5 minutes with the door open and a monitor on... some time to relax or shave your legs!! LOL!

So glad I found you all!! It's nice to have people to relate to!!
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May I join? Dh is currently going through the Application process, so not a LEO yet (hopefully soon!). He's passed the written and physical tests. Now it's going on a few ride-alongs with different departments and filling out applications.

Dh is a bit anxious about the background check--he's nervous that he's going to forget some transgression and it'll disqualify him. I mean, personally interviewing 30 people who know him can dig up a lot of stuff, even stupid things he can't remember. Of course, that's his small concern. The big one? He hasn't told his mother yet about becoming a LEO. And she is sooooo not going to be happy about it. Does it really count against applicants if a family member isn't supportive?

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I cannot believe I am back here to add another story. Today we lost one of our own deputies - Deputy Kent Mundell - and I am just numb. This past month has been the longest of my life and I just wish life would slow down enough to let the healing. The wounds from the Lakewood shootings are still raw. To think I have another procession and memorial next week is too much right now.

Please say a prayer for the Mundell family.
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I am so sorry for your losses in your department. My DH has been LEO for 3 years and worked in the jail before that. I can't imagine. DH went to a funeral today for a fellow officer who was shot by his wife. Very sad. I'm glad I found this thread.
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I am not sure I have"joined" this tribe yet...DH just went to nights....he has been a police officer for almost 5 yrs now
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