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I'm exhausted

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I didn't have this limb numbing exhaustion with my first pregnancy. This is crazy. I went to be at 8:30 last night, slept until 8am this morning, and after breakfast and shower I'm ready for a nap already.

I'm not nearly as nauseaus as I was last time, so I actually WANT to get out and do stuff. Except. I'm. Just. So. Darn. Tired.


We are hoping to get out to a mall this morning. I need new/larger bras in a serious way. Don't think I'm gonna last long though.
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ditto ditto ditto!!!!!!!!

I can't shake the exhaustion. I hate to wish away weeks in my pregnancy, but I look forward to the 2nd trimester in hope of more energy. Right now I feel like my whole body is full of lead and I-must-sleep.

I actually dread taking a shower...they really wipe me out!
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