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Woo hoo!!!!

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I had an u/s yesterday.. and we have a heart beat!! Woot!! And as far as the tech could tell there is only ONE in there, thank goodness!!!! Heartbeat was 176 bpm Our little blob....
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That's fantastic Rachel! Congratulations on your blob!
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GOOD! I am so happy for you!
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Our kids tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to in-utero nicknames!!! Trevor was usually spawn or lumpy... this kid has goten blob and baby x... poor kids!
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YAY!!!! :
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Yeah!!!! I'm anxious for our first visit and hearing the h/b or having u/s!
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Yay!! How many weeks are you?
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Yay!! : Great heartbeat, she/he must like the name Blob
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Originally Posted by sonuptosondown View Post
Yay!! How many weeks are you?
I was about 9 weeks at the ultrasound!
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