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Canada vs. US

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My dh is from Canada and apparently it is not common for a boy to be circumcised. It seems like it is much more common in the US. I told my dh that alot of boys are circumcised in the US and he had a hard time believing that. Does anyone know statistics on how many boys are circumcised in the US and in Canada?
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Amy- The rate in Canada really varies by region- but it has really dropped recently- there are some areas of Canada that had very high circumcision rates about 25 years ago.

The best place to find stats in one place is the CIRP website.

Also- you DH will probably enjoy reading the momo from the college of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan.

Love Sarah
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Hi there. I'm from Canada too. In our area circ is becomming less and less common. When my dh was born, about 95% were being circed, now the intact are the majority! It is still pretty high in our area (around 40%) but I think that it is because we are close to the border. Here are a couple of links to stat sites so you can compare,

Take care,
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The rates in both countries are dropping rapidly. I don't know the rate for Canada in the early 90's but for the US, it was 92%. By 1999, the rate for Canada had dropped to 17% and the US had dropped to 58.7%. By 2001, the US rate had dropped to 55.1% and if that same rate continues, the rate for 2004 will be 49.6% and there is no reason to believe it won't. At least by 2005 or 2006 it will be less than 50%. This is where peer influence will take over. As expectant moms see more and more of their peers have chosen to not circumcise, they will be influenced by the trend. I fully expect that by the end of this decade the rate will be less than 30% in the US. That is because of peer influence and doctors becoming more comfortable and more empowered to speak out against circumcision.

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Not to get too graphic but I live in Ontario and have seen 4 penises (peni? LOL) and all were uncircumcised as is my BIL (per my sister) and my dad (per my mom).
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