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A Non-hospital birth it is!

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Yay!!!! Dh and I just got home from meeting 2 local midwives at a birth center, and I have his ok to have the birth with them. He has complete faith in them, and was pretty impressed overall. They did a great job at putting his mind at ease. He told me "well, I know I have no say and this is what you really want, so I guess that's what we'll do". That's as good an endorsement as I could have hoped for.

WOOHOO!!!!! Another plus, they can do prenatals at my house!

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That is really great!
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Great! I'm glad for you that your Dh is on board/mind-at-ease and you found such a great option!

I'm letting DH lean this direction (birth center/midwife) on his own in his own time. I had a get-your-medical-history appt. with a nurse this week and couldn't bring myself to lie about LMP. She seemed to believe that I was not 8+ weeks along, but put 8+ weeks and wrong due date on all my forms/charts. Will see at appt. in a couple of weeks if doctor is willing to change this. DH seemed to agree with my annoyance at this and said if Dr. is unwilling to change it then maybe I should switch to a midwife. He also had opinions about other information I was given (birth control brochures...um, this was a planned pregnancy and FAM worked fine for us thank you, a genetic testing options brochure that he is supposed to read/sign...he says he will not sign it b/c "They're not my mom"/"Do they think I'm going to sue them if there's something wrong with the baby".). So, maybe we will both get birth center births. We'll see.
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Yay!!! It took my awhile to convince DH too - but now he's totally all in. Do the midwives do homebirths too?
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Yes, they mainly do homebirths. Dh isn't totally against this, his hang ups are our abnoxious dogs and feeling like he's going to have to clean up bloody towels and blankets afterward. These are objections that can be overcome, but I'm not going to push my luck right now!
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Yay for the birthing center!! It's a start, if you are really wanting a homebirth and definetly a lot better than the hospital.

You have lots of time to work him around to the homebirth. When I had my surro son, my IPs were able to board their dog at the vet for a few days so she wasn't in the way. As for mess, with my DD (dry-land birth) we had a bag of garbage and a load of dirty towels and the MWs cleaned everything up! With my surroson (waterbirth) everything was contained in the pool, so there was only a couple of dirty towels that we used to wipe him off with. I always find it funny that with most people one of the biggest concerns with a homebirth is the mess!
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I'm right there with you as far as trying to avoid a hospital setting. I am super, super excited about the freestanding birth center 30 minutes away. My husband really loved the entire tour/info session, and I think he feels a whole lot better about the whole thing. He's very open to doing whatever I think is the best way that I would want to deliver, but I'm seeing him start to ask questions and really "own" the experience (well, as much as he actually can). I've been reading all sorts of books and making it my duty to pass along the info. He was the most fascinated with the jacuzzi tub and the birthing stool! He thought it was the neatest thing ever.
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They make you sign something for genetic testing? Or is that only if you do the genetic testing? My OB has never had me sign anything for refusing genetic testing. I just said I didn't want it, and he said that's fine and moved on.

Glad you guys are all getting your DH's to meet with the midwives! That's how I turned my DH around from "absolutely not" to "Ok, it's a safe option - you can do what you want." DH is a huge homebirth advocate now!!! Most people know nothing about midwives and the training that they have. They don't realize that midwives are trained to handle a lot of complications. They don't realize that they do carry O2, pitocin, and other things in their bags. They are trained in newborn resuscitation and frequently get updated in their training. Etc, etc, etc. Most people think of a midwife as someone who just catches the baby without any knowledge. It's so sad the misconceptions that abound about midwives!

And cleanup... that's for the midwives to do. The DH cuddles with his new family. The midwives start a load of laundry and take out the trash (they just threw away the table cloths we put down to catch most stuff).
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