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Weekly chit chat November 8th - 14th

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A lot of us are entering the 3rd trimester this week! Wow! Time flies!
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3rd tri already?! How did that happen?!

My friend and doula said something about needing to get together to talk about birth plans and it just seemed so soon! I guess it really isn't, but wow. It sure has gone fast this time. Hope it keeps going fast-I seem to remember that last bit dragging.
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We had a no good very bad day today. My ILs are coming tomorrow (not so fun) and I've been super cleaning. I'm sore and my back hurts. And my husband greeted me this morning with news I'd overdrawn our checking account.

So I spent the day feeling like utter crap (even though it was a total accident) and crying off and on all day.

And my toddler is coming down with a cold, I think. She's never been sick but is obviously not feeling well. And my husband is in there with her, since I can't sleep in her room very easily at all (she doesn't like sleeping with us anymore).

Sigh. Not a good day at all.
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Yep, third trimester for me!
Sorry to hear that your dd is getting sick. It's that time of year! All three of my boys have had colds in the last month, and my little one is just hanging on to his. It doesn't seem like it's ever going away!

I'd like to think that because of all the craziness with the holidays, that this last trimester will go by quickly! I am also planning not to take the long (school) breaks I normally take around Christmas. I'd like to get my oldest son as close to be done with 2nd grade as I can before baby comes. My goal is to only have a couple months at the most left of the school year by the time baby is born. We'll see if it happens!

I am also already planning out 3rd grade and Kindergarten for my older two sons. I want to have all of that figured out by the time baby is born. It usually takes me a few months to decide on curriculum, so I want to be prepared and make final decisions alot sooner this year than last.

I still have moments where I just can't believe we are having another baby!
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3rd trimester starting here soon too! I just can't believe it!

Speaking of birth plans, does anyone know of a good template online I could use to write up my own?

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So far, I"m having a super good weekend! I bought a snoogle off craigslist yesterday. It was flat and a little dingy but after washing and drying it, it's almost like new! I just need to find my fabric shaver to get the pilling off.

Then DH pitched a business idea to some friends of ours and they were totally for the idea and want to get the plan done within the next two weeks!! The downside is that DH will need to travel more and in general, that is ok with me, I just hope he won't need to travel the month the baby will born! But, it would definately help with financial stuff and then I could stay home with the baby a bit longer before needing to find a job.

Then I had breakfast with my bf and she had a present for baby from her mom and offered to let me borrow her baby stuff. WHEE!! I'm planning on CD-ing and bf-ing and my bf was unable to bf and I was a little annoyed she kept trying to push disposables/formula on me. I told her that I was CD-ing and bf-ing for money reasons (which is partially true) and she said she'd help me financially w/disposables and formula, while I really appreciate the gesture, I don't want to use disposables or formula. I thanked her and said that her letting me borrow her baby stuff was MORE than enough, because it really is.... I still have my family for help.

And today on the free section on craigslist was a stroller and crib! I emailed my interest and hopefully it's still available and I can pick it up this evening. We're celebrating my grandma's birthday today so this will be the first time the whole family will see preggers me.

I'm very excited (and very grateful) that things are looking very hopeful!
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Nighten: I hate days like that.

I'm tired today. Stayed up late last night and had very strange dreams all night long. Not feeling rested at all so I"m off for a nap.

Hope you all are well this weekend.
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Oh my, my weekend wasn't geat either!
Today especially. Dh and I have been at each other all weekend- in the bad way. He seems to get crabby around this time of year- and totally exasperating!:
We have sooo many 'house jobs' to do that are important, but yesterday he spent all day working on his truck- doing stupid, pointless jobs. Today after church my girlfriend and I were going to work on finishing a paid project (mural) and then lay the free laminate we got in our half-finished bedroom upstairs. Well, dh decides it's a great day to rip out the whole foyer...the coat closet, shoe rack, pantry....what a mess. So coats and boots and dog/cat supplies, and food (we also got groceries today) are all over the house, the bedroom is now 3/4 finished with peices of laminate all over, and I'm cranky and tired!!! We've been battling mice so that was part of the problem- he thought ripping out the foyer would stop them. These are the days/nights when I'm not going to be happy with our homebirth deal!!

I've discovered I'm at the physically disabling part of pregnancy. If I do too much my back just gives in and aches and aches. I get winded going up and down the stairs, and I'm uncomfortable bending over. Baths are wonderful at night.

Nighten, sorry your day sucked too. Kssinca, glad yours was great! I'm glad somebody's was!
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I never feel like I have much to add. Nothing very eventful going on here. I did go to the DI on saturday and picked up 2 gerber longed sleeved and 1 short sleeve side snap baby tees for 1.50. They were spotless and looked to me to be in brand new condition. I found 1 more short sleeved one with a print on it in a different brand and slightly bigger too. I also got a cute footless sleeper because I like my babies to each have at least one outfit that is just theirs. It is white with little yellow stars on it. And for me I found a cute black dress that wasn't maternity but is made of a stretchy material so I can wear it. It looks a lot like this http://www.target.com/Liz-Lange-Targ...ank&rh=&page=1 but it's not a true wrap, has shorter sleeves and doesn't have such a low cut front. I think my favorite find those was a CJ banks cardigan in perfect condition. I get over heated easily so I wanted something lighter to wear than my winter coat that will still keep my arms warm.
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Nighten, you have a toddler who has NEVER been sick?

Poor Queen, I think if my DH did that I would melt down.

I'm doing pretty well. I'm definitely starting to slow down and losing my get-things-done ability. DH has taken over virtually everything. I work full time, keep the family fed, and keep the to-do list, that's about it. He does everything else. Well, I also still pick DS up from daycare every day and do my share of his bedtime/dressing/washing/diaper changing needs. But if it wasn't for DH our household would fall apart. I'm jealous of those of you with nesting urges who are cleaning your houses & stuff - mine is a wreck and all I want to do in the evening is lounge around.

Our fridge and freezer are broken and we're going to lose probably about $100-$150 worth of groceries. The repairman is coming on Wednesday but until then our diets will be light on fresh produce.

We had a fun weekend though. Got to see my sister and her family who were in from Philly for my mom's birthday, and had a nice little birthday party.
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Wow ... sounds like we're all living life out loud right about now!

I told my Unit Chief this morning (after another long, wretched night shift) that my last day of work will be November 25th. Now that the snow has arrived, I'm getting nervous of making my way around icy car wrecks and unplowed driveways and dark, unshovelled walks. And my belly is getting in the way. And I don't trust any of the rookies to drive to my safety standards in the snow, especially with lights and sirens and adrenalin a'pumping.

So I'll be off of work for the next 14 months! Which sounds like forever ... and will be a financial strain, even with mat leave paying 55 percent of my wages. We live in a super high cost of living area, so we've had to rearrange the mortgage and stop our rrsp contributions just to hopefully keep our noses above the financial waters.

We haven't purchased anything new for this pregnancy or the baby, so we're truly appreciating all the hand-me-downs. A friend have us an ergo carrier the other day! I've also asked my mom if she'd help out with purchasing cloth diapers, and DP asked her boss if she could trade her ski pass incentive for Home Depot gift cards so that we can get a new washer and dryer (the old ones are conking out) ... and her boss said yes!

Beans and rice, here we come! Thank Goddess the peace of mind that will come from not being on the ambulance is well worth it!
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S&D - It sounds like you have it under control and I am soooo jealous.

My mood yesterday spun quickly downhill when I learned a second friend is able to take a full year off after her babe in April. Granted, I'm excited for both of them and you SD, but it made me really bitter towards dh and his family, which were already on my last nerve. I'm grateful for the time I do get (6-8 wks) but I'm the main bread winner/benefits provider, so I pretty much have to go back unless dh quits the family farm (leaving his elderly folks in a bind) and gets a benefits job. We're still planning on me going part time the rest of this school year, regardless of cost, but I would so love that option next year too.

I think some of my grumps are due to the time change/weather, but a lot is just being tired of being tired and sore. I'm longing for a long walk outside, but the contractions keep me from doing anything remotely active and its seeping into my mental happiness!

I'm sorry Citykid about the fridge, we had that happen 2 years ago and I remember the mess and waste! Yuck!
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I've been sick this last week. All stuffed up and achey. DH has been working really long hours and hasn't had a day off in probably 4 weeks so I am feeling lonely too. Today is the Grand opening of his big community center project and he is taking tommorow off I am so excited.
I'm learning to knit so I am trying to make a few outfits and diaper wraps, shorties and longies for this little girl. I must have grown in the belly department because a pair of jeans that fit last week would not even zip this am.
I think I am going to reschedule my mw appointment because I don't want to see the locum again. I have a doula appointment meet and greet next week.
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Well, I went to a homeschool Mom's evening and thought I was having fun until one of the Moms started talking about the little girl they adopted a couple years ago from Africa. She kept refering to her as her "African" or "Our African Girl". A little bit of hideous can really ruin my evening- to say nothing of the "African Girl's" entire life.
So, maybe because I was so mad and kept it to myself, I started having contractions that hurt, and kind of kept up all weekend, and only slowed down when I laid still for long, long times. Then I remembered I hadn't ever gotten a call from my doctor's office telling me when my next appointment was- she's so busy and overscheduled the main desk won't do her scheduling anymore! I've been going every week or two this whole pregnancy. And then Sunday night the baby dropped. I don't know if its engaged or not, but it is pretty low and there's definitely pressure and all of my clothes fit strangely- I was big and round before, now I'm all ploopy and weird looking with a baseball between my legs.
My husband hurt his ankle at a basketball game and can barely hobble around, and I am starting to think someone came into our house while we were gone one day last week and stole an entire load of washing out of the dryer- my favorite maternity jeans, my husband's favorite jeans and some things of the kids are just plain missing. Its not like our house is so big I wouldn't be able to find them! Weirdness and stress and grumpy-plumpiness abound around here, though I keep reminding myself its all common going-in-to-3rd-trimester feelings and worry.
On the bright note we're all relieved about election stuff being over and turning back to home and family, just in time, too! And I found a store here that has the exact double stroller I've been thinking I wanted to buy, and it seems really nice, better than I thought it would be for the price.
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I'm sorry to hear that so many people had a rough weekend. Hugs all around....

allyrae, I hope that Amelia is the first too...of course I wish she didn't have to come early but I'm glad that everyone will be ready for her special arrival.

I'm still sort of in disbelief over the fact of the 3rd trimester. Some days February seems so far off, and other days it seems right around the corner. Yesterday Baby was twisted in some position that was really painful for me. It made me think that the next three months could be really uncomfortable. But at the same time when she hurts me at least I know she's getting strong and doing well, so I guess it's a double-edged sword too....

I hope the week improves for everyone! Congrats to all on the 3rd Tri!!
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Entered the third-trimester yesterday with a very ungracious fall down the last three stairs of my staircase. Ouch! The stairs themselves are carpeted but the landing and the last two stairs into the kitchen are hardwood. I had on wool socks. I fell backwards on my butt and caught my left forearm. The bruise on my butt is about the size of a grapefruit and as my husband described it, "Looks like the inside of a rotten potato." So, I'm mostly sore and feeling really glad that it wasn't worse than it could be.

Anyone else having contractions? I was up for an hour in the middle of the night Friday and they were settling into a pattern. I drank some water and ate some crackers and they went away. I'm wondering if I was a bit dehydrated.

Other than that, we had a nice weekend around the house. I cleaned/sorted/organized out my linen closet and the built-in buffet in my dining room. We also cleaned the house which it was in dire need of. I live in an old 1920's-style house and there are projects galore to be accomplished. Little bits at a time help keep me sane.

We also had a family date. We try and do this at least once a month. We had tickets to the orchestra and then we went over to visit my husband's uncle and then out for dinner and to hear some jazz. It was so nice just spend time together out of our element, ya know?
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I'm having contractions too. Some are painful, but for me, that's normal at this time.

I'll change the mood here and say that I had an awesome morning! I don't know if any of you remember my bad experience with the ultrasound dr. and the baby having a choroid plexus cyst. I had an ultrasound this morning and the baby's choroid plexus cyst is gone! I got a great 4d video of him yawning. He's adorable! I can't wait to hold him. All that cuteness is going on inside of me and I don't get to see it. What a shame. Also, he's jumped from the 40th percentile to the 60th percentile. My babies are normally big, so I was pretty reassured by that.

I told that office that I didn't like the ultrasound dr. and my midwife told me which one to see. He was so nice and reassuring. No scare tactics or alarmist recommendations. Whew!

I'm building a great stash of baby clothes and blankets. I have to order diapers, car seat and a swing and make a sling and a wrap. Then, I'll be ready. Each week goes by so fast that I know 15 weeks will be here before I know it.
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Ow - MNSunshine, that sounds like it hurt! We have a 1920's home too that has been a lot of fun to fix up over the last few years. I'm just starting to feel like its all updated, and that part is nice too. I love the character in old homes.

chaoticzenmom - thanks for cheering up the mood, I'm glad this US was so much nicer.

Today was much better for me, also. Thankfully, I passed the 3hr glucose after failing the 1hr for the first time ever. I'm caught up on grading and school, and felt good enough to get some little projects finished around the house before the boys and I spent some time outside. I feel much more happy today!
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Just saying hi and that I hope everyone's week is better than the weekend. I had a nice weekend. I met my 2 best girl friends in Ojai (NE of los angeles) for a girl's weekend. It was just so nice to relax and catch up. Today was super busy at work and I found out I'm going on a business trip next week...but it is only to LA and San Diego (where my family is). So I actually get a free trip home to visit my parents. Yay!

Nothing much to report here. I think baby got the hiccups for the first time today. Planning on starting shopping this weekend. I got a 30% off coupon for gap and they actually sell the medela pump I want! And a local baby store is having a huge warehouse sale - so hopefully we'll find some furniture. If not, I'm dragging DH to BRU to start shopping!

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Well, I have to say we had a pretty good weekend, except for the fact that I wanted to paint and that didn't get done. DH and I both took off work Friday. We had our final ultrasound and everything is still wonderful. We had 5 in the past 10 weeks because they were concerned about a weak cervix, but we've been measuring normal everytime.
My sister had a baby girl Thursday night, so we made the trip over to visit them in the hospital after my appointment. I am just in awe when I hold a new baby right now. First of all, I can't get over how they fit inside of someone, especially once they come out. And I love feeling all their little movements and shivers, knowing that's what I'm feeling on the inside with my LO.
Saturday, I went Christmas shopping with my mom and ended up getting all the kids (new babies and Godchildren) done, all except for my Godson. And I know what I'm getting him, it just wasn't in. That was quite a relief. I now only have 3 people to buy for-- Mom, Dad, and DH.
Yesterday was my church's Fall Dinner, which is really my first Thanksgiving meal. I was so looking forward to it and it did not disappoint. It really got me in the holiday spirit and I've been playing Christmas music ever since (the radio stations around here have already started playing it). This really is my favorite time of year and I love being pregnant for it all!

Next weekend, we paint! I want to get that done before I get really big and don't want to do it anymore.
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