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Citykid- that's a great article! I really liked how it ended on a positive note.

I can't tell at all what the baby is assaulting me with. If I lie down I can feel back, then arms/legs hands/feet, but as far as differentiating whether it was a hand, foot, knee, elbow, shoulder or head-butt, I have no idea. And it always feels so random that I can't even guess. Later, I can guess whether it's the feet, or with Evangeline a week before she was due I felt her 'tickling' my cervix with her fingers, they were so distinctly fingers it was crazy (I'd felt the cervix bumping before) and sure enough, she had a nuchal hand.
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Third trimester begins today for me! Yay! I can't believe it, this pregnancy has gone by so fast . . . I feel like we just started!
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I hit the third trimester yesterday. I also got some lovely hip pain last night to mark the occasion. It feels like the muscles around my hip joints are super sore. And it was almost impossible to sleep last night bc it hurt. I finally scheduled a chiropractor appt for today - I hope he ca help with the hip pain - along with the pubic bone pain and my tight lower back!

DH and I are hitting a big warehouse baby sale this afternoon then registering at BRU. I'm hoping we'll buy some of the big ticket items like a glider, crib, dresser, car seat and pack n' play. I still haven't bought a single thing so I'm itching to get going!

Tomorrow I have 5 hours worth of classes at my birth center! Care of mother and baby for when we go home from the center and also breastfeeding. Going to be a long day.

Happy Friday everyone!

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Baby's movements suddenly changed this week. It was literally overnight change in how I feel her move. Up until now, her movements have just been thumps... some bigger than others, but thumps nonetheless. Now, I feel like I have a little alien living inside of me. I'm feeling her actual movements, like waves inside my belly. It's the coolest feeling!
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I'm getting a lot more movement higher up now, which is nice because it's no longer all on top of my bladder! She seems to be literally cartwheeling in there sometimes, it boggles my mind to try and figure out what she is doing! Definately feel some large rolling movements and the kicks are all over so I'm not counting on her staying head up or down at this point, she's still flipping

Lately I've been irritated about peoples comments. Although I feel huge I am constantly having people tell me how small I look. I am a pretty petite person and unless I'm wearing tight clothes I don't look that big. Then I get some people who tell me how big I'm getting. Honestly, why does suddenly everyone feel the need to comment on my size! It's nerve wracking!

And I suddenly feel terribly cumbersome - getting out of bed is difficult, and sex is definately a challenge! Trying to find the energy to get into any position besides "spoons"
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Originally Posted by k13 View Post
Trying to find the energy to get into any position besides "spoons"

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I got my birth pool today!! I decided on the fishy pool. The only complaint I heard about it is that it isn't as deep which isn't as nice for taller women, but I'm short so I figured I'd be okay! I'm very excited about it

Last week fil made a joke about me getting too big for my coat, then this week the pharmacist made a joke as well, and yesterday dh told me that mil wants to buy me a coat that fits. I didn't think I looked that bad in my coat. But apparently everyone else thinks I look gigantic.

k13 - I completely agree with the positions issues! It's so awkward sometimes that I just don't feel sexy
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Our intimate life is nearly on hold right now-- partly because I have this pinched nerve-thing in my hip which comes and goes, and is majorly uncomfortable when it acts up, and is just a total mood-killer, and partly because I have just been SO tired at the end of the day, and that's the only time we have together!

I'm glad that this is my third pregnancy because I don't like being "on hold" like this, but this time it's easier for me to put it in perspective and realize that it's just for a short time. Things will be back to normal soon.
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Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE the tickers in you all's signatures? They move so quickly! It makes me feel like I'm really making progress.

Vegan Princess, I hope you have fun. Let us know what you decided to get.

I need to make a list and decide where to do a registry. I'm leaning towards Amazon.com but I know that my family is more likely to buy us stuff in-store from somewhere like BRU...I dunno.
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I washed all the baby clothes today!

How on earth could I have been worried that I didn't have enough itty bitty stuff?

I. have. so. much. Its out of control!

I am missing having to buy anything for thsi baby. How silly is that? Having everything is a bit boring if not money saving...which is really, really good...but still boring!
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Is everybody doing registries? I wasn't going to register, this not being my first child. Are registries done for 2nd kids?
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K13 Yeah, I've been told that I look small as well, it's very frustrating, the first few times it made me freak out "omg, is my kid developing properly, am I getting enough calcium?" The funny thing is I am not petite, about 5'6'', I think I looked small to them because I have a rather long waist so she has plenty of room in there and also my belly is being dwarfed by my massive boobs, they've only gotten bigger since I was pregnant. They were big enough to start! Lol. I hope they go back after I'm done nursing.
People should just keep there mouths shut about pregnant bellies. You look great, if it's true, is about the only thing anyone should ever say. The only person qualified to tell you the baby is too small is the OB/midwife.

I met a woman a few months ago who was about 27 wks along, and was totally embarased by the size of her belly, it was kind of sad. Everyone is different and it'd be great if the non-pg world would remember that sometimes.
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I'm in pig out heaven!! I found a local Filipino restaurant that has my favorite fatty foods! Ohhhhhhhh, now I don't have to drive over to SF to get my fix!! My baby must love this food already because as I was ordering, he kept jumping in my tummy!

We decided NOT to switch bedrooms afterall. His dad is so comfortable in the master and we don't know how much longer he has... we're hoping he will last until the baby is born at the least!

I'm doing a registry on cottonbabies and BRU. I shared with some of my friends what I was putting and no one is supportive of CD-ing. I told them, I ALREADY wash ADULT "messes" in our wash and it comes out clean.... baby messes should be a piece of cake!! At the very least, it'd be a smaller amount! Plus since money is tight, I won't have the money to buy disposables constantly or to buy formula constantly. And even though I said I just wanted gender neutral clothing (we plan on having more children), I don't think they will listen.

I'm feeling ok overall. I didn't think I was that sick but lost my voice today. Still have hip pain and nothing really helps it but it comes and goes now.

Eventhough nothing is ready for the baby, I'm so anxious for him to be here now! Sometimes I wish I had window on my tummy so I could peek in and see him.
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[QUOTE=Bluebird9;12612387]K13 ... also my belly is being dwarfed by my massive boobs, they've only gotten bigger since I was pregnant. They were big enough to start! Lol. I hope they go back after I'm done nursing.

I have the same problem!!! Actually, I wouldn't mind if my breasts shrank down a bit more... I was already a DD before getting PG. A C would be nice.
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I feel like I have been super busy lately and am so happy that it is Friday. I really don't have anything planned for the weekend which is a wonderful feeling! I'm having serious hip pain and am feeling more and more discomfort in my sacrum. I have an OB appt on Monday and am getting body work done next Friday which I hope will help. I went on a really long walk the other day which set off my hip thing. I'm trying to keep up with the walking but don't know what to do with this pain!

Yoga and hypnobabies are my only agenda for this weekend!

Nighten: so sorry that you are sick. I'm glad your Mom is there to help you out. I don't think anything is better when you are sick then having your mom around!
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kssinca. I get all my diapers from cottonbabies and have been very happy with them. Only one person shopped for me from my registry there last time I had a baby. But that's ok, I just slowly got it all myself

Their indian prefolds are so soft and they go nicely in the newborn stage with the bummy's nylon pant. Cheap and soft...can't get better than that.

As for movements. Téo is kicking my bladder. He's butt up, but feet and hands all down on the bottom. It feels very strange. And his head is in my left hip, so when he kicks, it's to the side and up. I've never felt that before. I'm loving this baby movement.
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Wow am I wiped out! We spent 2.5 hours at BRU!! The warehouse sale didn't have anything I liked. Even with the mark downs it was still more than BRU. We got our registry done - so we picked out all the things we think we need. We bought a pack and play and some sheets for it and ordered the crib, dresser and glider. Yay! They should arrive in 2 weeks. We were going to get the car seat but the store only had 2 graco snug rides - online has like 10 choices. So I will order the car seat online. I think JC Penney has a sale on them. Or I will check Target. I think I picked out a diaper bag online and the bedding I like online. I plan on getting the medela pump at a local store where I have a 20% off coupon. That just leaves the stroller..again BRU didn't have the couple we want to try out. So I feel like we accomplished a lot. Got a lot of big things today and at least figured the rest out. I so can't wait for my glider!!

I got an adjustment at the chiro. My back is pretty sore now and 2.5 hours at the store didn't help. I'm hoping it will feel great tomorrow though. Also going back Monday for another adjustment.

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my belly is being dwarfed by my massive boobs
maybe it is my massive boobs that make my belly look small. long ago they went beyond - woohoo, my boobs are big again! to just plain uncomfortable and a little obscene! I'm up to a 32F and the milk hasn't even come in yet... argh.
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I would love to go back to being a C cup!

I'm 29 weeks today and everything is going well. Baby is head down for now or at least it was earlier tonight. It cooperated well for the first time and we easily found the heartbeat. I had my first perfect urine test strip; not a trace of anything. Heartbeat was about 150. I'm sore, baby is very active and all is well.
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A C cup . . . I am getting close to the C cup, but not quite yet. My milk coming in should make me a solid C cup. Too bad, they won't stay that way when I stop nursing! I love the C cup size.
But every time I stop nursing, they go back to a barely B.
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