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Moving to SLC

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Hello! We are moving to Salt Lake City in a couple weeks to be closer to my family, I am excited, but have a few concerns. We have lived on ultra-liberal Vancouver island for the past seven years and I want to make sure that we will be able to find a place to fit in. Are there any groups/activities that you can reccomend? I have a four year old and a one year old. We want to get involved in a CSA farm (one that we could get hands on involved with,in the new year of course , any reccomendations? Also as far as the outdoors go, where are you favorite place to explore nature with your younger children? I want this to ba a positive move that can take our way of life and integrate it with SLC's community. Thanks in advance!
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I suggest living close to downtown in SLC, people are more liberal there and tend to get a lot more conservative as you move out to the suburbs. I live near Liberty Park and really love it there. I've also lived in Emigration Canyon and loved being up in the mountains but I prefer the convenience of being close to the work, grocery, etc. It also depends on how much you are willing to pay... the farther East you go, the closer to the mountains you will be but you will also pay more.

I've heard Vancouver Island is absolutely beautiful and I don't know if Salt Lake can compare but it is pretty easy to get out into nature here. The mountains are very accessible even from the middle of the city. Also the Jordan River trail is nice. Then there's always interesting areas like the Great Salt Lake and the Southern Utah desert (Moab) within a few hours range.

Check out Wasatch Community Gardens. It's not really a CSA but if you want to do the gardening yourself it's a good group to get involved with. I joined East Farms CSA last year and like it okay but it's at least an hour away and we never actually visited the farm, although I know others who did.

Our little Urban Homesteaders moms group is fun... you're welcome at our monthly get-together when you get here!

Good Luck! We'll see you soon!
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There is a CSA called Zoe's Garden. Their website is here: http://www.zoegarden.com/

Hope that helps!
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Hi, Welcome!!!

I second everything Alyssa said! Stick to downtown neighborhoods and you won't regret it!

I've been wanting to visit Victoria, BC for so long! We're planning a trip there next year after our new LO arrives, so I'll probably be coming to you for travel advice!
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welcome to SLC! make sure you take full advantage of the winter wonderland that is about to hit us. I love millcreek canyon in the winter and there are some excellent ski schools here too.
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