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Sustained High BBT, period came as normal

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I've been charting since Feb. but only actually relying on the charts to determine fertile periods since May. I don't track mucus, as my mucus seems to be erratic. We use condoms until four days after the temps shift after ovulation. My temp shifts are pretty clear and dramatic.

Normally my temp drops the first or second day of my period. This month I got my period as normal (not lighter or shorter, came right on time) but my temp doesn't seem to have dropped.

Pre-O my temps have been between 97 and 97.9, with only very very occasional spikes to 98 (usually on days when something funny was going on - travel, staying up very late, fever, etc.)

Post-O my temps tend hover between 98 and 98.5.

Right now, my temp hasn't dropped below 98 for 18 days, though it does seem to be running a little lower the last 7 days (my period) than the 11 days immediately proceeding them.

My question is - what could be affecting my BBT? Daylight savings was last week, but surely it wouldn't mess things up for that long. The weather has gotten colder - as a consequence we've put an extra blanket on the bed and turned up the heater a little. I wake up FEELING hotter in the morning. Is it likely that this is causing my BBT to be higher? If so, will my winter charts look different than my summer/spring/fall charts?

Any help/ideas would be appreciated.
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what were the six temps before your temp shifted, and the three temps after it shifted? what are the temps in the first couple of days of this new cycle?

Do you drink alcohol? take any meds?

If your period was normal, not scanty or shorter than usual, I would just chalk this up to a variation of your normal.
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My temp doesn't always drop when I get AF or for several days afterward. Like texaspeach said, if your period was normal, it's probably not something to be worried about. I would say it's probably the extra blankets and having the heater on.
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six before:97.89, 97.51, 97.8, 97.71, 97.89, 97.40

three after:98.06, 98.10, 98.15

last three: 97.97 (lowest of the week), 98.02, 98.17 (today)

I don't drink (ever) or take meds regularly (did take an antihistamine before bed a few days ago)
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you high temp out of the bunch is 97.9 (I use regular rounding to chart), which would make your coverline 98.1, your three temps after o indicate a very weak thermal shift, but you say the shifts are clear and dramatic - did they go higher than that? Your last three temps are around 98.0, which is below the coverline of 98.1

oh I forgot to say :
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Well, by "clear and dramatic" i mean when I look through my charts, there's never any doubt when the shift happened.

Like last month, it dropped to 97.4 and then shot up to 98.06. There were some higher temps in the bunch, though. #4 (after the shift) was 98.46, #7 was 98.27, then 98.33, 98.41,98.36

I keep thinking that tomorrow it will drop and I will feel silly for worrying about it, but I thought that yesterday, too.
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well technically, the temp drop doesn't matter, only the rise above the highest of the previous six.. If you were using NFP rules, I don't think you'd be in the clear (they require a .4F shift)

you are below your coverline though, regardless of the shift. Your temps might not have fallen back to the 97.4, but they are back to pre-o levels :
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Thanks. I guess I should have been actually figuring up the coverline, but what I've been doing is just looking for the shift and waiting four days. It's worked so far, but I think I'll start being a little more careful.
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The way you identify the shift is by finding the highest of the previous 6 temps, drawing the CL 0.1 degree above that and then looking for at least 3 consecutive temps above the CL. You can't really go by the actual temp. That's not really important. It's the biphasic pattern that matters.

It is possible to have AF and be pg. It's pretty rare but it happens. If you're really concerned, you can always take a test. The $ stores have decent tests and they are cheap.
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I agree with Marinewife. You need to take a pg test just to rule that out. This rare instance was mentioned in TCOYF. The woman had a normal period, but those temps would not drop. After some time she finally took a test and it was positive. There was a woman here on MDC who had that same thing happen. She was pg. The doc or someone here said it is possible that could be Vanishing Twin Syndrome.

Another reason for a temp to remain high is an ovarian cyst. My first time charting and my temp took a few days to drop so I was searching all over the internet to find out reasons OTHER than pregnancy why that might happen. Sometimes I take awhile, but never as long as you're experiencing.
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