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I don't believe it

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I *feel* preggo, I got my BFP, but, for some reason I still keep thinking I'm making it all up lol..I think it's because we have started telling people earlier this time around, though.
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I know what you mean, but we haven't told anyone yet. With my last pregnancy I dodn't believe it until I heard the heartbeat for the first time.
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I totally understand! I've taken 4 pregnancy tests over the past week, I've got the acne of an unfortunate teen, I'm starving and vaguely ill quite frequently, and my breasts are big and sore...but I've never been pregnant before, and somehow it seems like it's imaginary! I think part of it is that I've only told a few very close people...others won't know until Christmas, hopefully. But yeah, it's a weird feeling.
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I'm right there w/ you ladies. This is our 1st and we are not telling anyone until Christmas either. It still doesn't seem real. The only symptom I have is sollen tender breasts. I'll be 4 weeks tomorrow, so I know its early, but I am antsy to start having feelings to help me confirm ALL this, other than the 4 preg. tests I've taken so far.
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