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Thyroid Support in STL?

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I really think I'm hypo, but need to find a doctor that treats by symptoms, not by labs. Can anyone recommend a good doctor/endo in the StL area?
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I've had really good luck with Dr. Rudee Suwannasri. I suspected that I was having problems with my thyroid (due to hair loss and low energy), so I went to see Dr. Rudee, who I had seen previously for treatment of polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Even though my labs were kind of borderline - not indicating a major thyroid problem - she has been totally willing to treat me and help me figure out a solution.

I really respect her as a doctor and I feel that she is respectful towards me as a patient. She always explains to me what we're going to try, why she thinks it will be effective, what I can expect, etc.

I've been a patient on and off for years, and I've always been happy with Dr. Rudee. Hope this helps!
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THank you! That's what I'm looking for. I'll call tomorrow!
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Forgot to mention - it can take some time to get in to see her. When I came back as a new patient after living outside of St. Louis for a couple years, I had to wait several months. However, she is the best endo I have seen - and I've seen a bunch!
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She's not taking new patients!! The receptionist told me I could see the other doctor, but I don't know anything about them!!! Grrrr.
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Oh drat! I'm sorry to hear that.

If it's any consolation, know this. I referred another friend to Dr. Rudee, but she didn't want to wait to see her - she really needed to see someone sooner. So in the meantime, she saw another endo in the same practice and was really happy with that doc. So you may want to consider that.

Good luck - I know how frustrating all of this crazy thyroid stuff can be.
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My guy (Etzkorn) specializes in thyroid cancer and I'd recommend him for that, but not if you're looking for basic hypo/hyper help.

Good luck. I know that I'm really anti-doctor so it's difficult to find a good match.
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Spooky. I've gone to Dr. Etzkorn and I go to Dr. Rudee now. Yeah, Dr. Etzkorn was like "yep you have PCOS, there's not much I can do unless you want to get pregnant now." He wouldn't do anything about my thyroid levels.

Dr. Rudee is awesome. She spends at least 40 minutes with me almost every time I go which is why I guess she can't see any more patients. Sorry! A co-worker sees the other endo at St. Louis Medical Clinic and she likes him. She has complained that it takes a couple months to get into see him though. (Wadsworth?)
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Dr. Sultan in Florissant is really good with thyroid issues. He will treat based on symptoms and basal temperature testing. He is really good on all health issues too. I love him. Here is his website.

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Thank you ladies. I think I'll give Dr. Sultan a try. I'll let you know what I think!
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