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Good naturopath in central CT?

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Anyone know one? Last spring I was going to one in Wallingford but it was a 45 minute drive and I wasn't that happy with her. So I'm looking for a new one. I'm near Middletown, CT but can go up to Hartford or down to the shore (Old Saybrook, etc.). I just want one that someone has been to so I have some indication of what they're like. I'm looking for cranio-sacral therapy and general yeast help. Thank you!!
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are you near Stamford? Try http://www.doctordoni.com/

We have worked with her over the phone and she seems very good.
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I wouldn't see an ND for CST. You want a specialist for both. I recommend Miela Gruber ND in West Hartford for gut issues. For CST there is a guy, Kyle Carso in Wethersfield who is a massage therapist that does craniosacral therapy who trained with the best of the best. Then there is the best of the best-Steve Moran in Columbia CT. We are very fortunate to have him here. People travel from all over the US to see him He's amazing.
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there's Ginger Nash in New Haven.
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Steve Moran is the best of the best in CT
so is Dr. Miela
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Is Steve Moran a CST too? Some NDs are covered by my insurance, so I was hoping to try that first. I don't think any massage therapists are covered. I was hoping to start while my deductible has been met this year. Some osteopaths do CST too, but they're hard to come by, as far as I can tell.
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Steve Moran is a physical therapist. I really don't know of anyone that does CST quite like him.

Dennis Burke is an osteopath that does CST.
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I second Dr. Ginger Nash! She is great!
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I know several people that have used Dr. Laura Nunno. She is located at the Holistic Health Center in Cromwell. My BF in particular has ADHD and it has helped him tremendously.

Here is her link...

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Who did you end up going with out of curiosity? Is Dr.Moran an ND?
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Steve is a physical therapist that does CST. He is not an ND.
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Dr. Lauren , ND office is in the Healthtrax building in Avon CT is wonderful. I had no problem with insurance. She did an amazing bloodwork up and insurance covered it. She's wonderful with Candida(yeast) issues. I can't say enough about her.

Dr. Comia in Bloomfield - though not a ND is very wonderful about vax and yeast issues from what I've heard.
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I'm going to Dr. Moorhouse, osteopath, in Glastonbury, at the moment. But still haven't gone to a naturopath. Not sure if I want a naturopath or a homeopath though.
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I see Sharon Hunter in West Hartford as an ND and Dr. Veit for CST.
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