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How often do you change your baby's clothes?

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I was just organizing our baby clothes and we have SO many outfits that my twins have never worn! We don't leave the house much so I just usually have them in one-piece jammies for ease of diaper changes and warmth. And I usually don't change them unless they get spit-up or pee on them. So sometimes they'll wear the same outfit for a day or two...

Do you change your baby into "clothes" for daytime and "jammies" for nighttime? By "clothes" I mean pants, shirts, overalls, etc.

Just curious... I found some CUTE outfits while organizing the clothes so I guess I'm going to have to start dressing them up more!

(Also - I change their clothes after baths. How often to do you bathe yours? It's kinda a big deal here to bathe two so we only do it about twice a week. They don't get too dirty - Jackson just gets some neck "cheese" so i just clean that between baths!)
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We usually do jammies and a daytime outfit--and by outfit, I usually mean something like pajamas. I'm more into comfort versus fashion for newborns.

I'm finding that our new little guy almost never spits up, so he can really wear something for along time without it getting dirty. That was NOT the case with my other two.
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I'm definitely into comfort rather than fashion for newborns...

If we gone quite somewhere during the day where I feel like my hands have gotten 'dirty' then I do change her into sometthing different for bedtime. Otherwise I don't unless she spits up or diaper leaks.
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We've only bathed her once and I only change her when she spits up or gets pee on her clothes. She's usually in sleepers or gowns - but we've got a baby shower on Saturday and I think she'll need a real outfit for it!
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I do jammies and day clothes and bathe him a few times a week. That said, I do jammies a few times a night sometimes because of milk leakage or spit up and change a few times in the day sometimes for poo blowouts or spit up. This kids a messy one!
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We usually do a onsie and socks under a swaddleme blanket at night, and daytime he usually wears sleepers, sometimes I'll put him in pants and a shirt, but not to often yet.

I definitely go for comfort, and easy.... at this age/stage! Typically I just change once a day, unless something gets messy, sometimes my newborns will wear the same outfit a couple days in a row.. especially if I'm overtired and baby wasn't messy LOL!

Bathes ..... uhhh he's 5 weeks old and I think he's had 3 in his life lol.... it's about time for another I suppose. His diaper area gets cleaned frequently and he gets 'spot cleanings' otherwise, but yeah with three kids in the house, we don't always get bathes done that often oops.
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I put her in a day outfit for the day even if we aren't going somewhere. It cheers me up. Plus we have all these cute outfits that I want to get use out of! Some she outgrew before she had a chance to wear them.

I always put her in fleece footed jammies for bed, or something similar. UNLESS she's asleep and I don't want to wake her and I'm just too tired.

We've only given her a bath once. She's not that messy and doesn't smell. Hmm, now I feel like I should be bathing her more. Ok, we'll aim for once a week and see how that goes. I wipe her down occasionally with a warm wet cloth, but as far full bathtime, yeah, only once.
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I usually change her into pjs at night, mainly b/c after she's been in the same outfit (usually pjs, too) all day, I don't want to put her to bed in it just because I know I sleep better in fresh clothes Then in the morning she gets fresh clothes for the day. She doesn't spit up so her clothes don't get yucky. A couple of times she's peed on her clothes and gotten poop on them, so she got changed, but at that time I just put her in pjs. I've only bathed her once so far (as in, in the bath) and she's just about 2.5wks. I only bath little babies a couple of times a week, sometimes less. They don't get very dirty, and too much can dry out their skin.
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He sleeps in either a t-shirt and diaper, or diaper and no shirt, and I swaddle him in a muslin blanket. He loves to sleep right next to me though so he's plenty warm enough like that (not to mention it gets to 80+ around 3am in our apt).

I'm definitely into comfort over fashion, too. Most of his clothes are onesies, and we don't leave the house much either. It's still too warm here for sleepers or anything, and he spits up a lot, but otherwise he may wear the same thing for a day or two. He hasn't had a real bath because he still has some of his cord stump, but he's had two sponge baths in the past two days because of projectile vomiting. I'm not big on baths for babies unless they need it. It's so dry here that he doesn't need any extra help with drying out his skin.
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Originally Posted by Baby_Cakes View Post
I put her in a day outfit for the day even if we aren't going somewhere. It cheers me up.
This is how I feel, too. Our day outfits usually consist of a onesie or a shirt and lounge pants or longies. I love the softness of Zutano dresses and pants so we have a bunch of those...plus, they are totally cute! Iris is currently wearing a soft pair of denim overalls that all her siblings have worn at this age.

Originally Posted by mkmb129 View Post
I don't want to put her to bed in it just because I know I sleep better in fresh clothes
My sentiments exactly. I don't sleep well unless I am in a clean pair of pjs either.

As far as bathing goes...Iris had her first bath at 8 days old and has had 2 others since. We usually do a bath a week when they are babes and then a bath or shower every other day when they get bigger.
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I've been doing gowns at night for ease of diaper changes although I may start using gsleepers again since she stopped pooing at night so changes are much less frequent. During the day it's whatever - just a onesie around the house, or soft overalls or something if we go out. Nothing uncomfortable for her or too difficult to deal with dipe changes. As predicted, we've been given so much in the way of clothes now that everyone knows she is a girl, I could change her five times a day if I wanted to! We do go through some outfits and nighties because of spitup, pee, or poo.

She has had one actual bath so far, plenty of sponge baths though, usually it's a spot shot because of spitup lol.
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Most days Calla wears pants or baby legs with a tee shirt or onesie. At bedtime, we get rid of the pants and put her in a lightweight sleepsack over the tee shirt (we used to swaddle her instead, but rarely need to lately). Usually we change her clothes the next morning, but not always...

When we go out with her or have visitors, I totally dress her up. Usually, I try to put on an outfit the person who's visiting gave her.

I wash her face and hands daily (several times a day actually, since she's such a messy eater!). Sponge baths every couple of days. We've done two tub baths - one was after a crazy diaper incident. She really hates tub baths, though. I'm going to try bathing her in the tub with me and see if that works better.
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I agree - I totally go for comfort! I like to have mine in footie jammies with long sleeves. And they love their Kiddopotomus Swaddler-thingies. I usually think about what I'm wearing and then add an extra layer.

I think I'm going to put them in their cute overalls and "daytime" outfits just for fun some days! Even if we're not going visiting or something, we could always get dressed up for a walk or trip to the drug store, right!?

Mine love tub baths! I gave them baths for the first time today by myself.

Thanks for the info, ladies. Good to know I'm in line with most of you. I know people who bathed their babies every day and that just seems excessive to me!
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I usually put him in one thing for the day (usually a onesie and socks) and a sleeper for the night. If it gets soaked by milk (which happens a lot!) I change him.
We only bathe ours 2 times a week too.
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So far I've only been changing Emily when she spits up or gets dirty from leaks/weeing during nappy change. That has meant about three times a day but in the last two days I think I've only had to change her twice, partly because I've started putting a bib on her during feeding which catches most of the spit-up. She wears a vest and babygro although on the couple of occasions we've been outside she's worn proper clothes even if only on top of the babygro. Only one proper bath so far and she didn't like it. I don't know if I should be washing her more often she seems pretty clean, I wash her face/neck for spitup and obviously clean her bottom when I do the nappies, but aside from that I'm not sure she needs it? (I do check in the creases to make sure they're not grimy etc).
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I dont know anymore! My days all run together, lol. I know that when we go to my parents house or to see other family/friends I put cute outfits on her that she wouldnt wear just around the house and I go to my parents at least ever 2-3 days. If I am running to the store she wears whatever is on her. I have this neat thing that goes on her carseat for warmth. Its elastic and goes over the carseat w/ a cut out for her head to keep her warm. It zips to open/close it. So no one in the store sees her clothes.

At home we change her after she spits up a couple times. (she barely spits up and when she does its just a little dribble) but if it doesnt get dirty I change it after 2 days. I think. Maybe everyday. I dont know. She only gets bathed about 2-3 times a week.
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I only change her if she gets spit up or pee on her clothes. Which sometimes is 3x a day, and other times it's every other day. She mostly wears one piece footed sleepers.
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there is no consistency here in clothing. i put him in whatever i grab when we wake up b/c usually thats when i change his diaper and when im thinking about clothing. he is swaddled at night so he comes out of that and usually just wears a thin pj or kimono shirt under the swaddle blanket so needs some clothes on. its always comfy though..i dont do the thick overalls or anything though he does have a few from HA that are really soft so he does wear those.

i do find he has too many clothes. not that i bought most of them or anything but he has too many.

baths...we aim for once a week, or about that. he's had 2 "real" baths (in the tub, with me) so we are at less than once a week right now. the 2 older boys bathe every other night together so i try to focus more on them. Zen isnt a spitter upper though and gets wiped down pretty often w/ diaper changes. ds3 has a lot of excema issues and im trying to avoid that with Zen, so baths are pretty limited.
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Well, It's been over a week- no almost a week since I bathed Milo. He has some scalies on his head, and I leak so bad a t night that he does start to smell cheesy after a while. . . I probably should wash is face more often!

I only change his day clothes if he gets poop/pees on them. He doesn't spit up much, and I tuck a thin coton blanketbetween us when we nurse, so that helps. Mostly fuzzy feety thigns dayside, and open bottomed cotton gowns, at night, so his legs and feet are bare. he's mostly underthe covers besideme, so he's not gonna get cold!
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