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Is this reflux?

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I have researched the symptoms of reflux and I think my one month old ds may have it but I am unsure. He will projectile spit up no more than twice a day, but it is a lot. He usually does it after a big feeding only. He is very congested at night, but there is never any mucous in his nose. He has wet burps often as well as hiccups. At times if gets so constipated that it hurts him if I touch his stomach. He is never irritable and he is gaining weight. There were many other symptoms that I read that he does not have. Oh and he is ebf. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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I am no expert, but I don't think it's considered reflux unless the baby is in pain. Lots of babies spit up ... both my girls were spitters. DD2 just turned 6 months old and it's finally slowing to a dribble. For many months I would go through 30-ish spit rags a day and have to do laundry every day.

That said, dd2 did have reflux for a while in the beginning. Lots of screaming, especially leading up to big spit ups. Then she would cry for a bit and finally settle down for a while. The thing that really helped was going on the Dr. Sears elimination diet (www.askdrsears.com). I did that for about 2 months and was then able to introduce foods and am now eating normally . I think her system just needed time to mature and heal.

As for the congestion, dd1 had that and did not have reflux. DD2 seemed to have it worse than dd1, though.

Both my girls have also been infrequent poopers. I have treated this with homeopathy (we see a homeopath / intuitive healer) as well as probiotics. DD2 still sometimes goes a few days without pooping, but the difference now is that it doesn't seem to bother her. Whereas before I could tell she was uncomfortable.

If I were in your shoes, as long as the baby didn't seem to be in pain from the spitting up and is gaining weight, I wouldn't worry too much about it. It's a huge inconvenience and gross and I got really tired of being coated in spit up all the time , but it will end. For the constipation, I took my girls to see all of the following: chiropractor, craniosacral therapist (www.upledger.com), homeopath, and holistic pediatrician (also uses homeopathy and is the person who referred me to the homeopath).

Good luck!
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I'd lean more to dairy intolerance from the spitting up. constripation and congestion. Are you breastfeeding? If so try cutting dairy out for a while and see if it helps. There's something about projectile vomiting to watch for, I think pyloric stenosis? I remember my dd needing a quick u/s to rule it out when she had some projectile vomiting issues (as part of her reflux).
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Thank you both for your replies. He is scheduled for an ultrasound tomorrow. I am leaning towards a dairy sensitivity. He has a very red bottom too
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Monkeyfeet, if it is a dairy intolerance, we've been dairy free for years and can help you get started if you need it. Good luck tomorrow.
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So the ultrasound was ok. Any thoughts on how to know if it is dairy?
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