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Please give me permission...

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... to wear the maternity pants already. I feel like such a poser - my uterus isn't even near my pubic bone yet! I'm 8 weeks.

I wear a rubber band on my pants because I HATE the tightness (makes me queasy) and by evening I look huge. Definitely maternity worthy after dinnertime. But in the morning? Can I really put on mat pants and not get laughed out of work?
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Permission granted Wear what is comfortable for you
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I've been in maternity since 6 weeks, I think. It's been awhile at least. I get what I call the "early pregnancy mega bloating of doom" and none of my pants fit at all.

Now, I'm 10 weeks tomorrow and I definitely need the maternity.

Be comfortable, you deserve it.
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Last pregnancy I was in maternity pants at 5 weeks. You can absolutely wear them now!!! Just wear a long shirt so no one knows they're maternity.

This time, I'm only in regular jeans because I have *one* pair that is "slimming", which means it's really stretchy all over! But even they're starting to get a bit uncomfortable, even though I can stretch them a few inches away from my belly. I sometimes wear my maternity pants, but many of my shirts are too short for them. Won't be long before I need maternity tops though.
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I feel the same!!! I know I look like i am about 5 months! I am so queazy when I have something tight around me. I hate it. So why DO I have a belly already? Anyone know. You know that little tiny baby is like the size of a grape!

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I am so with you! Morning, I am mostly normal, maybe a bit rounder, but as the day progresses, I look hugely pregnant and only maternity will fit. My seven year old actually looked at me last night and said, "Wow, Mom, you ARE pregnant!" Like you, I am 8 weeks.

PLEASE be comfortable! I know that's the choice I've made for myself! LOL
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I think I gave up last week on Wednesday or so. That's eight weeks and a couple of days. I'm not in maternity pants since I don't have any long pants, but I'm in sweat pants, stretchy skirts, and my two sizes too big jeans.
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Originally Posted by sunflwrmoonbeam View Post
"early pregnancy mega bloating of doom"
I am right there with you! Plus I had a baby in February so that's not helping the situation any! Luckily I bought bigger regular jeans right after I had him so now I'm back to wearing them. I have some of the underbelly style maternity pants that are really comfy right now, too.

Wear what ever your comfy in. I wore some of my maternity shorts this summer b/c I didn't have any non-maternity shorts. Know what-they were way more comfortable too!
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i bought my first pair last week but haven't worn them. i have one of those motherhood belly bands that looks like the top of maternity pants. i wore it over some jeans that no longer button (more bloat than baby) but it kept slipping! ugh!

now i'm just wearing lots of empire waist dresses and leggings.
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Wear 'em!
I've apparently put on ten pounds so a rubberband is just barely doing it at this point. I feel you on the tightness making you queasy thing!
The thought of my maternity clothes actually makes me gag though, for some reason. I just want to wear pajamas, but I doubt I'll be getting any permission for that, haha.
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