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Melissa & Doug toys?

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Have you purchased from gummylump or do you have Melissa & Doug toys? You likey? You no likey?
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I have some Melissa and Doug toys and they are nice. they will replace missing pieces too. Hope you like them!
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We have the folding castle and love it!
I got my son the pizza maker for Christmas.
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Just another for Melissa & Doug!
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If anyone lives in MA or RI check out www.turtleshelltoys.com

I love how most of M & D's toys come in a box with a clear lid. That way everything has a place.
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We have some too. If you have a TJ Maxx or Marshall's where you live, they often have M&D toys much cheaper than retail, even cheaper than some co-ops I've seen recently
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Thanks for all the feedback. I'm trying to get a good idea of what I want to get the kids for Christmas. (DH got his raise so now's a good time to start looking!)

mrzmeg...I think we do have a TJ Maxx somewhere in this state. Thanks for the tip!!
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we have 2 sets of the blocks. If you buy the 200 piece set, you get more for your money. There are smaller pieces in it, but that became my son's "expansion set" by taking the smaller pieces out until he was longer sticking things in his mouth. We got the other set of blocks with the rolling tray for his birthday, which we keep at my mother's house. I'd like to get more, but I did wonder about whether the paint was non-toxic or not. None of it's coming off yet, but it didn't say on the box if it was. I'm assuming it's not? Is this safe to do, you think?
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I think that ds's wooden puzzles and train are Melissa and Doug's. We like them a lot. I just bought him another wooden magnet puzzle for Christmas.
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We love the latches puzzles, food sets, and the lacing cards and they make a really nice stacking toy. I think the label says the paint is nontoxic.
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My son received some Melissa & Doug toys last year as gifts and despite him having played really hard with them they're still in great shape.
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Yes, they are very good and reasonably priced.

(Although it hurts to have wooden balls thrown at you : )
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ollie's discount stores sell M&D toys mucho cheapo. they are awesome.
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Dd has some Melissa and Doug puzzles we got from ToyRUs. She/I like them. I thought they were reasonably priced for wood toys but the selection wasn't great at TRS.

BTW, they are made in China (at least our puzzles were anyway) so I don't know what kind of working conditions they were made under. Don't know if that matters to anyone. Just thought I'd share.

Do you have a link for ollie;s discount stores or is it a local thing. I've never heard of them. TIA
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BTW, thanks for the link chellemarie. Gummylump seems to have an awesome select and reasonable prices.
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(Although it hurts to have wooden balls thrown at you )
:LOL i'm sorry...I know it had to hurt.. but that made me laugh.....
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Originally posted by katelyan
Do you have a link for ollie;s discount stores or is it a local thing. I've never heard of them. TIA
here ya go~ ollie's bargain outlet

hope there's one near you, it's a pretty cool store. they have a wide variety of toys, food, housewares, etc!
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If you are a target shopper, they have puzzles that are very similar (the same?) to M & D. Also, AC Moore carries some M & D products -- which are a decent price with a 40% off coupon.
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Another M&D fan. Got DD the magnetic door puzzle when she was 13 mos and she still plays with it! We get them at the Carters outlet here - CHEAP! I also picked one up at Ross the other day for $6 - a real score!

Also check on Ebay - I have bought DD some wooden puzzles really cheap.
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Another thumbs up for Melissa and Doug toys. I have the stacking ring toy and I stepped on the base and broke the post that the rings go on. I called the company (there's an 800 number on the bottom of it) and the lady told me to write them a note and they would send me a new toy. I told her I didn't want a new toy for free as I had broken it and she said it didn't matter. I wanted to buy another base/post and she said "We want your child to have it to play with, we'll replace it for free."

You can't beat that for customer service!
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