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Pookie - So sorry arrived! I am glad you have the option of IVF though. :

Looks like is here for me as well, 2-3 days early! Right now spotting is getting pretty heavy and I expect full flow later on tonight. I will mark tomorrow as CD1 because is starting so late in the day. Onto another cycle!
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Sorry Jen. (((Hugs))) I hope you get some relief from your migraine soon. And I'll be thinking good thoughts for your IVF.

Karen, sorry AF is showing up early. I think I will be starting early too. This is my third evening of cramping. Yesterday it was so bad, way worse than normal cramping that occurs on CD1. I almost took tylenol but had a glass of wine instead. I don't ever remember cramping so much before AF and I have been so tired. But no more spotting ,just a tiny drop yesterday....weird. I don't think it could have been implantation cramping because it was too painful and three days in a row, I doubt it. I expect I will start sometime tomorrow. So maybe we will be cycle buddies again.
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Well if is going to arrive for you then I hope we can be cycle buddies again but looking at your chart, your temps look mighty fine so I hope you get a instead!
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Happy Fertile NEW YEAR to Everyone!!!

Question for all - DH and I will be TTC naturally again this March. Since he had his stroke he's on Ecotrin, Folic Acid 1mg. :!!, bp med, cholesterol med, and a diuretic. He does not have any sign of loss of libido or erectile dysfunction. It's hard to tell about the lowered sperm count though But, has anyone's DH/DP tried Fertilaid? I'm going to have him ask his internist if this would be acceptable to take.

TIA - Kate I'm almost 44 with no time to waste
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Pookie & Karen sorry found you. Nicksmom your chart really does look lovely. :
I am waiting to see what my temp looks like tomorrow. I will get to bed normal time frame tonight and temp at the normal time so it shoudl be a pretty accurate temp. Let's hope it is back up.
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to Pookietooth to kbhlmh.

Nicksmom spotting and tiredness sound promising. I hope a little one is settling in.

Elliesmom, I told a few people I'm really close to that I'm TTC--women friends that I really like talking to about what's going on with me. Sometimes I've been shocked by other people's comments even though they weren't talking directly to me--I'm thinking of women barely over 40 that say they wouldn't try now. It's easy for me to take personally. But one of them had a super hard pg, that probably has something to do with it.

AFM, I'm on about cd 17 (chart's in another room) and probaby having my peak day. This isn't unusually late for me. DH and I DTD 2 days ago. He'd been saving up for me (sweet!) and needed to let it go. So wouldn't you know it the next day I have a little eggwhite. And today more, but he's sick. We gave it a shot, but he got exhausted before the TTC goal was reached shall we say (there's probably some abbreviation for that, but I don't know what it is). So trusttrusttrust maybe this isn't the time, or maybe a swimmer from our New Year's fun made it. (She tells herself again, "trusttrusttrust." I think it's sinking in.)
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He'd been saving up for me
WaturMama - Why has he been saving up? Does he have sperm issues? Sorry, can't remember if you mentioned that or not!

lovbeing - My hubby takes FertilAid which is basically a multivitamin with herbs. Because of the herbs in it you should probably find out from the doc if it would interfere with his other meds.

massagin - Hope today's temp is up!

Nicksmom - Your chart is looking ever so lovely! When do you plan to test?

Gonna be another busy day for me today so I may not be back until tomorrow. Have great day everyone!
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todays temp was way down. I threw it out. I slept awful last night and woke up with a horrible headache and temped late. So I tossed it. But I am thinking is on her way too. I should know by tomorrow. I am only 11dpo hoping to get a few more days of LP in there before the witch arrives.
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Just sitting back and watching to see what happens around here...nicksmom, maca buddy, I do have good thoughts going your way...

AFM, I'm pretty sure this is a preparatory month, what with the maca and all. It has been a different cycle, for sure. I'm 7dpo and last night had AF-type cramps (huh?!). So I'm along for the ride. As well, the little spermies would have had to last nearly 6 days (if I o'd when I think I did). That seems highly unlikely. Onward and upward!

Getting ready to go back to school tomorrow. Kinda wish I didn't have to... I've been feeling so lazy and have not prepared enough. Sigh. Oh well. Have to let it go. Have a good day everyone!!
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BHappy - interesting that you had cramping at 7 dpo. My cramping started at 9dpo. I wonder if it's because we were both taking maca? I had cramping again last night and then it stopped but now I am crampy again. So this is day four of this. I really feel it is AF trying to start but I'm not due until Tuesday I think. I won't test unless I'm late because I'm not feeling hopeful. I think this is just going to be a bad one.

Laurie - sorry about the temp drop.
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Pookie and karen, sorry about AF showing. That bites. Pookie, good luck with the IVF honey. I wouldn't bother temping either. I know it is a great big deal and also a lot of money. But if it works, that would be fantastic! You could be just a few weeks away from being PG. We will all send you tons and tons of fertile vibes!

Fingers crossed fro your Lynne. As I've noted before, I never think I am PG the months I actually am. Hopefully it will be the same for you.

I can't remember, is anyone else taking DHEA? I am sure that is a big part of what worked (fingers crossed) for me.

I di dnot have my DH on Fertilaid but he was taking maca, vitamins C&E, and folic acid. he didn't have nay sperm issues but I figured it couldn't hurt!
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It's up to you Nicksmom I am out. Starting spotting this evening I am sure it will get heavier tonight.
How much DHEA do you take? I am going to start back on it again.
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Sorry you are out Laurie. Darn it!

I'm still having off and on cramping and feel AF will arrive tomorrow or the next day at the latest. If AF were late and I was having all the cramping, I would be very hopeful but it's not and I'm sure the witch will arrive on time, if not a day early. But I do appreciate the support from all of you.

I've thought about trying DHEA but I'm nervous about the side effects and since I'm not seeing anyone now that could test my levels, I'm hesitant to try it. I've read of lots of successes with it but I'm just so afraid it will cause a major hormonal imbalance. I'm so sensitive to medications and if side effects are possible, I always have them.

So this next cycle I'm not planning on taking anything except fish oil and multivitamins.

With maca and vitex(only 400 mg/day) this cycle I've had a late O, less cm, lots of fatigue, feeling a little depressed, several days of cramping but on the plus side - no boob pain and very little bloating. It would be nice to completely be rid of pms symptoms and that's what I was hoping for with the vitex and maca but I think overall the pms was worse this time than w/o them. Maybe it would just take a few months for things to balance out but I don't feel that I can continue with them with how bad I have felt (mostly tired and lazy). So I'm going to focus more on improving my diet and getting more exercise.

Have a great week everyone!
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hello everyone

sorry...no post, trying to catch up on thread...looking at computer makes me sick!

I am around 8 weeks...soooo sick....had to get rehydrated in hospital...had u/s at 7 weeks.....won't tell me anything...have to wait til doc appt....will be back soon to catch up
....must turn off puterrr
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I just playfully asked DH: "Let's make another baby..." He said "no." Not a hint of "well, if it happens..." or any softening. Sigh. I haven't outright asked in a while. I thought I detected softening when DD would talk about Little Sister. Maybe I was reading into it. I'm sad.
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Karen and Veganmama thanks for the info on Fertilaid. I think a good MVT and maybe some extra C should suffice. Hopefully, he can at least lower that dreaded bp medication It's been almost 6wks now and he's lost about 20 lbs. Still not exercising a lot I'm going to have to push that

BHappy sorry to hear DH is not in agreement right now. But, things change...keep up the hope. Tonight, my DS was talking on an old cell phone and pretending that his brother and sister in Heaven were calling. (The two m/c's) It did make my DH tear up a little so maybe he'll start to realize maybe DS needs a sibling.

I don't know if this has been covered before or not, but do most of you start taking progesterone after O until AF? This is what my midwife said to do and was wondering if it's common with the over 40 crowd.

Have a great week everyone!!
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Originally Posted by veganmama719 View Post
As I've noted before, I never think I am PG the months I actually am.
Thanks for that info. I get so nuts looking for symptoms and trying to predict. That is such a good reminder. And hopeful. So I'm hoping you will be fabulously wrong nicksmom And even holding some hope your spotting will go away, massaginmama, but also sending a .

kbhlmh, my dh doesn't have sperm issues that we know of, but he's a couple years older than me, so we did the every other day plan when we conceived ds, just in case. And we often have timing challenges being the parents of a 3.5 year-old AND dh has been sick and had stamina issues. So he had this idea, that I thought was dear of him, to save up for several days until I was in my fertile window to make the most of our first opportunity.
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Saoirse, sorry that you're feeling soooo sick. I hope the u/s shows a healthy little one.

Karen, I don't know what to say. I wish your DH was onboard.
AFM, am I the only one happy that AF has arrived? I thought I was never going to see her (which is quite scary, as we 40-something's know!). I started spotting last night, and she is here today! Yippee! On to the next pregnancy attempt!

I was going to drive in to work today, but apparently there's black ice everywhere, b/c we had rain during the night and it's only 30 degrees o/s. So, I'm taking the T and walking...which I love, but I wanted to run around and look at apartments later, too. I guess I"ll have to schedule them for another day.

Have a good Monday, everyone.
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Saoirse - Good to hear from you. I'm sorry you have been feeling so sick. Hopefully in the next few weeks your m/s will subside a bit. Let us know what the doctor has to say about your ultrasound.

MsGB - Glad AF showed. Be careful getting around in the ice, even though you won't be driving in it. I have slipped while walking in the ice many times.

VM - Maybe you are right. My temp is still up today and no AF. It's not due until tomorrow but with all the cramping I expected to see a temp drop at least so maybe I do have hope yet. I'm going to try to hold off on testing until tomorrow but may test later today. Keep your fingers crossed for me everyone.
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