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Spin off poll: How long did or will your child RF?

Poll Results: When did or will you turn your child FFing?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 4% (10)
    Less than one year old and 20 lbs.
  • 15% (39)
    At one year and 20 lbs.
  • 12% (31)
    At or around 30 lbs.
  • 16% (42)
    At or around age 2
  • 7% (18)
    At or around age 3
  • 43% (108)
    At the weight or height limit of my child's seat
248 Total Votes  
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How long did your child RF or how long do you plan to have your child RFing?
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DD RF'd until 33 lbs, the limit of her car seat. She was 2.5 years. We have a newer seat for ds now, which RF's to 35 lbs. We will turn him then. I imagine around 2.5 years old.
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turned my first two at 1 and 20. I know so much better now! My 15 month old is RFing and I'll turn her at 35 pounds, the limit of her seat. She's 26 pounds now so I imagine she'll be around 2. I'll keep DS RFing as long as possible too.
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My first we turned at 3 & about 30 pounds. She was very close to the height limit of her EFTA.

My youngest is 20 months and 19 lbs and we'll leave her RF until she reaches the height limit or weight limit of whatever seat she gets next (her MA expires next year).
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I just turned ds ff last week. he's huge. 20mo and 35lbs.
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I voted when he reaches the height or weight limit of the seat.

We did the same with #3 and he fit until he was 32.5 lbs at 30 months old (so 2.5) which worked out well because we were about ready to use his car seat for #4 who was outgrowing the infant seat.
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DS was about 2.5 and just about at the RF height limit of the seat. I probably could have kept him RF another month or two, but I was afraid of keeping him RF too long and him actually outgrowing the seat before I had a chance to switch it, and my pre-Passover car cleaning was a convenient time to make the switch.

My daughters both switched to RF around 14 months/18 lbs because the carseats then were incredibly impractical to RF with toddlers; their shoes got caught on the seatbelt (that went OVER the seat) and there was absolutly no information back then about RF being safer for kids over one. If we'd had "modern" carseats 13 years ago, my daughters would have stayed RF until they got too heavy or tall for the seats, which would probably have been around age 3.5 since they were both very tiny as preschoolers.
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We'll turn DS whenever he reaches the weight/height limit of his Marathon. He is 17 months and around 27 pounds now.
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DD went FFing at 11.5 mos because we didn't know any better. There was some other reason, but I can't remember now, it had to do with one of those quirky rules on her seat (Evenflo Triumph 5).

DS will two on Thursday and he is still RFing, but just barely, so sadly he will be FFing very soon. He's weighing in at 32.5-33lbs.
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DS was turned at 1 year and 22 lb because I did not know any better at the time. DD is 3y2m, 24-25 lb and still RF. I plan to keep her that way till 30ish lb, or maybe around age 5, because by then her bones will have hardened enough that I would be okay with FF even if she is not at the weight yet. But she may be 30ish lb before age 5 too, so who knows? She was 16.5 lb at age 1, 19.5 lb at age 2, and 24 lb at age 3, so maybe will hit 30 by 4-4.5?
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AJ rf to 34# and 33 mos, he was too tall then and his seat had a 35# limit.

I told Evan he could probably go ffing on his birthday next month, he'll be 4. He's 32# and his seat goes to 35#, but I need to make room for new baby.

I think Ilana should make it to about 3.5yo before getting too heavy.
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Dd was one year and 25lbs when she went FFing. Let's just say she was a screamer and everyone was happier with her FFing.

Ds is 20 months and still RFing. He'll stay RFing until he reaches the height limit of his seat (a True Fit.) He has no hope of reaching the RFing weight limit (he's barely 20lbs now.)
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Janelle was around 3 1/2 and around 25-27lbs. Kincaid was 18 months and around 23lbs. If I had known then that he could of stayed rearfacing in a marathon instead of the roundabout he had he would of stayed rear facing for at least another year, and she would of too, she got turned around after he did cause she was jealous of him...

Travis is 15 months and not yet 17lbs, he has a boulevard, and a very short torso, I don't think he will be forward facing till around 5. Even if baby #4 (due in may) is tall like Kincaid, I am smarter now and know that seats have higher height limits rear facing, plus there will be almost 2 years, not just 18 months, between Travis and #4.
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I dont' have any kiddos yet but when I do they will RF to the limits of their seat.
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I had two votes- one for what I did with my ds, and one for what I plan to do with this next baby.

For ds, I voted 1yr and 20lbs, but that's not exactly right. He was 15 mos and about 28lbs (just a guess based on his typical weight %ile). And moving him wasn't based on him being over 1yr/20lbs.

For this new one, I voted to the limit of the seat, and I'll have a seat that goes to either 33 or 35lbs.
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DS was 34 months when we turned his seat to FF. He was within 2 pounds of the RF limit.
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19 months, 33 pounds, the limit on her seat. She FF in that seat until she was 2.5ish. Now she's FF in a Regent at almost 3 years old.
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I turned Alivia on her first birthday.

I think her weight limit is 35 pounds on her car seat. She turns FOUR at the end of the month and is only 33 pounds!
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James was right around 2 years and just at 30lbs when we switched him. I'd have liked to keep him RF longer, but I truly think he was getting to be too tall, he was nearly 3 feet tall at 2 years old...at 3.5 now, he's pushing 40 inches tall.

My DD is just 1 year, right around 20lbs and still RF. She's a peanut compared to my son though so I look for her to be RF for a LONG time

My son tripled his birthweight at 10 months, I don't know if my DD has tripled her birthweight yet (they were the exact same weight at birth, 7lbs 3oz)
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I turned my DD at 1 and 20 because I didn't know better and wasn't a CPST then! My DS is now 21 months and just shy of 30lbs, in a 35lb seat. I think we'll probably make it to 2 1/2 or so. I really want to make it through the winter.
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