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Wedding Ring

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I woke up on Sunday feeling a little bloated, and sure enough my fingers were starting to swell and I couldn't take off my wedding ring.

This brought back memories of my last pregnancy. I forgot to take my wedding ring off until the last month of pregnancy. By then, my hands were so swollen, the darn ring would not come off. We tried all kinds of tricks, and I couldn't get the ring off my finger until after the baby was born. My fingers never got so swollen that this was unsafe, it was just uncomfortable.

So on Sunday I waited until evening to see if the swelling would go down. Sure enough, it was a little less in the evening. With some lotion, the ring came right off. I've put it away in a safe place until this pregnancy is through! Just thought I'd share this!
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Mine didn't get too bad last time until around 7 months when I had to take it off. It has been so cold around here that it is sliding around so I still have some time. Thanks for the heads up.
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I check mine every day. They are still sliding off easily but I know before long I'll have to have them on a chain around my neck.
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I never would have thought of this! So when should I take mine off? Why? Thanks!
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Originally Posted by springbride View Post
I never would have thought of this! So when should I take mine off? Why? Thanks!
I would just keep an eye on it and see when it starts to get tight. I think I made it late into my second trimester last time before I had to take mine off. I wore it on a chain around my neck for the remainder of my pregnancy.
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