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Starbright Baby

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I clicked through the banner ad to her etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5984712 and was "Wow'd" by the cuteness of the toys she offers.

Customer service:
I ended up doing a custom order. I liked the Orion fabric I saw a giraffe made with but wanted a dinosaur for my two year old. So I sent a "convo" through etsy and she replied swiftly. She jumped through hoops to get the fabric and was very easy to work with. Overall, smooth transaction and decent shipping price/time. Well pleased.


Adorable. I mean, really adorable. Smaller than I envisioned but perfectly sized for a baby and even for my 2yo toddler. From the minute the package was opened he took custody of his dino and has not let go since (it's been about three days now). The toy stands up on its own, which is nice for playing. I am a huge fan! Stitching is good, all the seams are secure. The belly where the final stitches are put in after stuffing is obviously hand stitched but that is part of the charm.

I'll try to post in a few months on durability if I remember.

I give
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I absolutely love Suzi's Giraffes. She has created a really adorable design, and they are super durable. She also has some organic fabrics and uses eco-fill.
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