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Once AF shows up I will be doing the initial workup on CD3 for bw and baseline ultrasound. ( I just tested this pm and BFN)

Does the blood test have to be exactly 3 days once AF starts? I am waiting for AF to come and I have wednesday off. I would prefer to do everything on wed but the old witch probably will not arrive at my doorstep tonight. This is going to be hard for me cause I have to make appointments around my work schedule. I probably will have to call in sick or call in late on thursday or friday.

What are they testing besides FSH and estradiol? How many vials will they take.

Is there anything I might want them to add to the tests?

I am such a very hard stick, they will have to take blood out of my hand cause I have no veins in the arm area. I usually pass out and puke when I give blood. I can't remember when I did a blood test. I hate it. Is there any tid bits that will make it easy for me to get them done? Somebody told me to drink lots of water the night before so my veins won't collapse.

I am really upset that I have to go through all of this when esp I have crappy veins. I don't mind injecting myself if I need to, ultrasounds or hsg, but the bloodwork is hell for me.

sorry for posting so much, I have no one to talk to and I feel so alone at times and really sad.
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Hi Wtg,

I am so sorry that you feel so sad... I have my moments too. Last night as DH was injecting me with the Menopur (which hurts like $#&&) all I could think about was all of those people who manage to get pregnant their first month of TTC naturally or have an 'oops' pregnancy and I just cried and cried.

I think it is pretty important that you do the test on CD 3 and they did take about 3 vials from me. I was a real chicken when it came to blood tests and needles right up until a few weeks ago. I have been stuck with so many needles lately that I am not afraid anymore and hopefully you will get to that point too. The day I went in for my CD 3 bloodwork, I got into an argument with my DH on the phone while I was driving and I was so flippin' mad that by the time the nurse injected the needle into my vein, I didn't feel a thing. So, my advice to you is get really angry right before and see if that helps, it sure helped me

And yes, staying hydrated will help with your veins. It also saved my husband as he was going through chemo and needed an IV every week. It really can make all the difference in the world.

Take care.
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My understanding is these blood tests should be done close to cd#3, but can be cd#2-4 also. Your doc can determine the results by any of these days. Hope that helps! ( I had blood done cd#2 and cd#4 on different cycles, and it was fine!)
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sorry you have to go through all this. I should be joining you in a month or so.

I've had great luck going directly to the lab (my test go to a hospital, but the hospital has a off campus building that does walk-up lab (as well as promptcare, mri, etc) to get blood drawn) as oppose to having to have an appt with the MD (RE, OB, or whatever it is!)

and yes, drink a lot of fluids and stay warm. It's: over here in the midwest and I think that makes it worse.
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Ok, first things first. Make them take it out of your hand. Even if it's 3 or 4 vials, they can do it. Second, it's not nearly as much blood as giving blood. Don't look - if you actually see the blood it will be worse as far as nausea and vasovagal syncope (if that's a problem for you). Just turn your head the other way. The needle is tiny and it will hurt a little but not very much. Drink water beforehand. And practice some breathing exercises to help you stay calm. You'll be FINE.. It sucks, but it's not too much blood and it's a small needle. So if they find your vein in your hand you should be fine.
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Ugh, I hate blood work, too. I got very shaky and lightheaded last time, and that was 5 vials.

Question: How come my doctor did my blood work in my luteal phase? He told me it didn't matter, but does it? I'm a bit nervous, as I'm due to start AF today, and I have an appointment with him in a week to go over the blood work, but he never said anything about calling when AF came. I'm just afraid I'm going to waste another month.
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anne1140- Your doc can determine things depending on where you are in the cycle. And get on the horn and call and tell them you want to make a plan for this next cycle. You are your own an best advocate.
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Thanks so much everyone. I am still waiting for AF to show up. I am on pins and needles wondering if my day 3 will be on the weekend. ARGH, I work the weekend and I really can't go in late cause of short staffing. I might have to tell my other supervisor that I need bloodwork done on a saturday. He will be suspicious and I really don't want him to know what is wrong with me yet.

This is so painful. Something happened at work and I just broke out crying. My co-worker again told me to leave for a while. This is horrible I ran into the garbage room (so no one can see me) and let out a good cry for a few minutes.

pinkfriend--I like the idea of getting real mad and let the nurse stick me. I will be so mad that the blood will be pumping out of me. Sorry about the injects, I know how you feel, why do we have to do this when others have it so easy. I feel like throwing my fists into the universe.

anne--I think they want me to test on cd3 to see what my ovarian reserve is. The FSH level is detected mostly at cd3 to see how much your brain has to pump out hormone to get your ovaries moving/working. High level means low ovarian reserve and low levels mean that your ovarians are ok.

songbird- thanks for reminding me to breathe, thanks for letting me know its not that bad. All of this could be in my head.

chel--its cold here also, great old northeast. I feel like my blood is freezing here. Hey you are my CBFM buddy.

naturalmom--thanks for letting me know that its not an exact science, its going to be hard to get exactly 3 days.

now onto the waiting....
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Wtng, Just wanted to say also that if you absolutely cannot do the fsh test on day 3, day 2 is okay, so says my fertility center. But that's day 2 of full flow. They were adamant about counting day 1 as first flow by 8 pm. Bring something to squeeze in your free hand and look away. If they'll let you, put in an ipod to a good rockout song. GL~
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Originally Posted by poetgirl View Post
Wtng, Just wanted to say also that if you absolutely cannot do the fsh test on day 3, day 2 is okay, so says my fertility center. But that's day 2 of full flow. They were adamant about counting day 1 as first flow by 8 pm. Bring something to squeeze in your free hand and look away. If they'll let you, put in an ipod to a good rockout song. GL~
Thanks so much that Day 2 is alright, yippy. My flow is at best 2.5 days anyways. So day 2 should be alright for me.
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You should call *your* doctor's office and ask them whether day 2 is all right or not -- and also what their precise definition of "day 1" is. Different practices (and even different doctors within practices) handle things differently.

E.g., my clinic says day 1 is full flow before midnight, not 8 p.m.; my doctor there wants day 2 bloodwork from people who are old or who have cranky ovaries (like me), but day 3 is fine for everyone else -- but I think the rest of the doctors there just do day 3 for everyone.

Good luck with the blood draw. Not _seeing_ the blood makes a huge huge difference for me -- I take off my glasses and cover my eyes with my other hand. And they shouldn't be taking huge amounts for a day 2/3 baseline, in any case.

Also: remember that it's your life. If the timing is really, really bad for you to go in on day 3 this month, you can go in next month instead. Yes, it sucks to put things off, but do remember that ultimately you're choosing to pursue treatment and you do get to choose when, or whether, to take the next step.
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EmmaJane-Good tidbit, When I call the office I will ask them if cd2 or cd3 they prefer. Right now AF is no show, temps down, It can be any minute now. Its a horrible feeling waiting for the witch to arrive. It feels like dreaded gloom is coming. Of course I have today off and I don't need tests now. argh
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May I ask you ladies a question? Exactly what tests are you waiting to have done and what are they for?

DH and I have been trying for #2 on our own for over a year and are now ready to get some help. I figured going to see the dr would be the first step but beyond that, I have no clue. Today is CD#2 and now after reading your posts, I'm wondering if I should try to make a visit to a dr tomorrow to take my blood. I know it's probably not as easy as that and I will have to plan for next cycle, but thought it couldn't hurt to ask you guys.

What tests do I need to have run and when? How/where do I find all this information out? We're not planning to undergo any major interventions but are open to a few ideas (i.e., vitex, lifestyle/diet changes, other natural fertility enhancers). We plan to pursue this till the Spring then it's on to the adoption agency/CPS.

I hope someone here can point me in the right direction though. I feel so alone in this.
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prophetmother--the cd3 bw is to check your ovarian reserve. A test to see how well your ovaries are doing. I am older so I need to know if I have crappy eggs. If the number is high >10, then they consider that you are going to have a hard time conceiving. My RE was putting the FSH level (cd3 bw) my first priority of the many tests I need to have done. The theory behind it is a negative feedback system. If the FSH level is high it means that the brain is trying hard to tell the ovaries to work. It has to keep increasing the levels inorder for the ovaries to respond. If the level is low it means it doesn't need to push harder for the ovaries, they are working very well. You want low levels cause it means the eggs are in general healthy. I hope I made sense.

I might have to wait till next cycle to do my bw. I haven't seen the witch and if she decides to show up anytime soon, it will hit the weekend. I have to work saturday. Sunday the RE office is closed. I could do my bw at work on Sat but I think they want to do the baseline US the same day. I might be wrong I need to ask them about this. Maybe I can do the HSG later on. I can do the HSG without doing the bw, right? I have no idea why my period is not coming. I don't want it to come but I have to face reality.
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Yes, you can do an HSG without doing baseline bloodwork.

(The crappy clinic I did my first 2 cycles at _never_ did day 3 bloodwork on me, but they did an HSG.)
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update: temp plumented, waiting for witch to arrive. I have to call docs office and see if I need to do sunday or monday testing. Sunday the clinic closed. I have to find out what I should do. I knew this was going to happen. This sucks dh thought I was pregnant. He will be so devastated. I have a horrible feeling that we will never have our child. It will be a miracle if it does.
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