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It's two GIRLS! (and appt update)

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I just got back from my appts this morning at BC women's hospital. The amnio results from last week came back normal - no chromosomal disorders! The babies are most likely identical from what they could tell and both are girls (poor Michael - he'll be the only boy with 4 sisters!). All the blood tests for different infections/diseases that could case problems came back negative as well.

They are both still alive, one is still much smaller than the other, but amniotic fluid levels are within normal for both - so they have pretty much ruled out twin to twin transfusion. So they think it's it's a placental insufficiency and severe IUGR - which is still a bit scary, but the prognosis is a little better.

I'm still supposed to be on bedrest with nutritional supplements to try and get more blood flow & nutrients to twin B as well as to try and avoid pre-term labour after last weekends scare. But more likely it will be home bedrest (at least for longer) instead of hospital and they'll continue to monitor me with weekly ultrasounds and appts at BC Woman's.
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girls here, too!
i'm glad they've both got sufficient fluid. that's my biggest concern when we go in for the u/s - i don't know why, but i just keep expecting to see a dry sac on baby b. paranoia.

I'm so glad for you that they didn't take size discrepancy & fluid level differences as a diagnosis for TTTS - that was what we were faced w/ at first and it was so overwhelming.

Hang in there! I, especially, am pulling for you!!

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Congrats on your girls!!! My boys faced a similar situation--we did have classic TTTS issues for a long time (though it was diagnosed by blood flow problems with Dylan, not so much by the fluid discrepancy), but those spontaneously resolved and then most of the concern was centered on the fact that Dylan was always 1/3 smaller than Tom.

The supplements helped both physically and emotionally (hey, it's something you can DO). My guys would have made it just fine to 40 weeks, it was only just problems with ME that caused them to be taken early...but at 36 weeks they were healthy and strong.

And now, at 5 months, the size difference is only slightly noticeable. I had to hear dire proclaimations about Dylan suffering everything from extreme IUGR, to mosaic trisomy, to insistance that we should consider selective reduction for Tom's sake. It can be a really wild ride with perinatologists, but just remember that they're going to tell you worst-case first, and I'll be hoping that you find one that will look out for you and be a source of calm and comfort.

You can do it, mama!!! We are here for you. Your girls (especially your little one) are fighters if they're still peeing like champs!

BTW, here are my TTTS/IUGR obliterators! Dylan, the one with the severe IUGR and the 'donor' is on the left. Tom is on the right.

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Congratulations on the girls! How wonderful! I'm glad to hear they were able to give you some reassurances about their health. Good luck to you!
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Congratulations on your girls!! That boy of yours is never going to be able to bring a girlfriend home.
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Kitty - thank you for sharing about your boys and their photo. It's really encouraging and they are beautiful. I can hardly tell the size difference.
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how are you doing CherylE?
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I'm still on bedrest and trying not to go nuts here. My 4 year old left early this week with my mom in Maine - so I won't see her again until after the babies are born. My 2 and 3 year olds are in daycare during the week - so it's really quiet here.

The babies had both grown at my last appt - but Baby B is still way, way too small. They think she's only getting about 1/3 to 1/4 of the blood flow of Baby A. So they said at some point when they start having a good chance of living after birth (most likely around New Year's) - they'll admit me to the hospital for bedrest/monitoring to see when is the best time to take the babies out. The concern is that because they share a placenta and some blood vessals - that if something happens to one of them - it will affect the other one. My next appt isn't until Dec 10th and then not until Dec 24th.

This photo was taken last Monday - I'm bigger now already!

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Wow. You look GREAT!!!!!

Please keep us posted. HOw are you feeling too?
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that's a fantastic picture! i think my belly's actually bigger than yours, if you can believe it, and i'm due like 2 weeks later!

i hope you're feeling well, mama. take care of yourself!

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