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Goodbye everyone.....

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Soooo this is it....we are done with this August board I have such fond memories of talking with you guys about our soon to be here babies and all our troubles. I know we can meet on the other board but I sure will miss this one.....like a time in my life is past now kwim? Anyway, it has been a great beautiful journey and I wish you all the best...until we meet on the other board........

Probably noone is here to read this but best wishes to everyone and their little babes

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It's soooooo hard to believe our board is done! We've all come a long way!
Here's to everyone's continued loving of happy, healthy babies
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OMg I got a little teary reading this. I'm going to miss you ladies. I can't wait to come back one day and be apart of another DDC. It was such a wonderful journey and I love that you ladies were there with me the whole way.

Thank you so much and love to you and your babies!
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Hugs & love to everyone 'til we meet again :::
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