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we need a new family doc in central MA

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We have a pediatrician who we love, but now we need a dr. for the grownups. We live in central MA and are willing to drive for the right doctor, but they must take health insurance. Does anyone here have a GP that you like? We would be using a naturopath if it was covered by our insurance
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I use Dr.Pinkerton at Meetinghouse Family Practice in Westminster. My whole family sees her. She is fantastic, however she ALWAYS runs behind. Its a PITA but worth it imo, as she spends extra time with us as well. I refer all my friends around here to her!
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I am one of Tofumama's friends who she referred to Nicki Pinkerton. I agree, she is great. I really like her. And yes, she does run behind, but it is because she takes her time with you once she gets in there.
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thanks so much. that's good to know. this is the second recommendation I've gotten for a doc really close to where we live, which is a nice surprise.
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