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Should I be Concerned?

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Am 10w 4d today and saw a healthy growing bean by transvaginal u/s a week ago today. Betas and all have been good. Last night I had a tiny bit of red spotting on TP when I wiped - but only a very very small amount. Nothing else rest of night. This morning I just had a tiny bit of brown spotting when I wiped but nothing else so far. Still feeling quite nauseous, uterus seems to be starting to move up out of my pelvis. I did have a bit of what i assumed was round ligament pain last night - a few instances of sharp-ish pain on right lower side of my pelvis, but that was it.

I can call my doc/mw office (they are a combo team) this morning when they open but should I be concerned?
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Also, I was going to do a short jog this morning (like 2 miles tops at a slow pace) - have been doing that all along as I have been a runner for years so my doc and mw OKd me to continue 3x week at a slower and shorter pace. Should I hold off though until I see if the spotting is definitely gone?

I'm actually more nauseous today and yesterday than I have been in almost a week (the nausea had been starting to go away some).
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The spotting doesn't sound alarming unless it starts to get heavier. But I know spotting is *always* alarming to the woman experiencing it, so I understand you'll be scared regardless. Hopefully your CP will get you in to ease your fears.

I probably wouldn't run, not because it would cause anything, but because if anything did happen, you might blame yourself for running, even though that didn't cause it to happen, kwim?
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Yes, you will worry because that's what we do

I had quite a lot of brown spotting on Monday morning and called my RE. He was reassuring, saying that everything had been fine on u/s and bloodwork the previous week. My spotting stopped and the nausea has increased.

I'd probably take it easy for a day or two before starting your running again.

Pregnancy is so stressful.
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That does not sound like anything to be concerned about, but I understand why you are. I may not go out running, but I do not like to run. Thinking of you!
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I don't think it sounds like anything to be horribly concerned about but we all know you will worry because you are a mom and it's what we do! I would call your midwife/ob team just to get some reassurance and maybe take it easy on the running for a few days s
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Thanks everyone - just got home from dropping DD at pre-school at making a quick grocery run. About to check for any more spotting and then will call them and will hold off running today - will just walk to/from getting DD later (about 1.5 miles roundtrip). Really am quite nauseous (but no puking) today again.
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It sounds like everything is going ok, no indication that your pregnancy is in trouble... A little spotting seems to happen to tons of women without any negative consequences. It is still terrifying though, isn't it...
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Hey, mama! I know you posted in my thread and I have an update over there. I realized that my moderate cramping is bad only if I'm doing a lot, so maybe you could wait on the running for now. I haven't spotted today and have had more m/s this whole day so far (yay!). M/S is a good sign!

I'm thinking of you and your babe! I'm choosing to think positive and hope that you can try and do the same!
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Right back at ya mama and will go read your update now!

Haven't had any morning spotting since this morning and have been making sure to drink a LOT of water. I didn't run today and will wait until at least tomorrow night to do so - I did walk about 1.5 miles this morning (but not too fast) and will do so again this afternoon.

Have an abdominal u/s scheduled for 11/18 in the evening so unless the spotting comes back or I notice anything else weird I think I will hold off and not call my CP for now and just try to relax and think positively.

One other thought - two days ago I started drinking ACV (2 tsp Bragg's w about 16 ounces water and 1 tsp honey) to try to both alleviate heartburn and combat yeast. Could that have caused spotting since it clears out the digestive system? Should I not drink that?

And also I was using Monistat 3 for three nights (Monday night was the last night) for a yeast infection. Could that have led to spotting?

BTW - m/s has abated since this morning but still a little there...
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I wonder about the Monstat treatment as well. I used it a few days before I experienced some spotting.

I'm glad to hear you have not had any additional spotting.
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Talked to the OB on the team today (midwife is on vacation). He thinks it was just from the applicator with the Monistat and said not to worry, especially since no spotting since this morning. So that is good and I'm quite nauseous now so going to lay down for a bit before getting some housework and all done. Will keep up with daily Fage and the daily AVC (diluted in water w honey) to try to keep away future yeast infections!
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