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Originally Posted by Gitti View Post
It is in EVERYTHING. It is also known as NutraSweet, Equal, or Spoonful.

It's difficult to avoid unless you stick to fresh food.
Restaurants use aspartame, especially in desserts.
There are now over 5,000 products containing this chemical.

It's in sausages, lunch meats, bread, coffee creamers, bought cookies, cakes, rolls, pies, mayonaise, pickles, relishes, chinese foods, all pre-made foods even if it is not a "diet" food, many children's vitamins, antibiotic, many medicines...


Just thought I'd chime in here. I do not eat just fresh food, however, aspertame gives me NASTY headaches, and I have managed to avoid it my entire 'married adult life' (and before that thanks to mom's help) and I purchase, sausage, lunch meats, bread, coffee creamers, mayo, pickles, chinese food, and many 'pre made' foods,

all with out aspertame. I've also been able to easily find childrens vitamins, and all of my medications void of aspertame. So, transformed, honey, don't get worked up about that. Get yourself some clinical help, and then take a look at revamping your diet.

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I dont really think I have any in my diet. I may binge out on stuff thats bad for me but I am very careful still to stay away from dyes/msg/and artificial sweeteners. I am staying the course anyways.

I am working on typing out my story but not sure how to articulate it without using bi-polar as a excuse for everything thats gone wrong in my life LOL - does anyone have a story they typed or blogs aout bipolar they liked?

I want to share w/ family/friends.
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I also 'binge on the bad stuff' and have sucessfully stayed away from the MSG and artificial sweeteners. It's not that difficult yay you! (and me! lol)

I'm sure I've got something somewhere on my blog, but itwould have been MONTHS ago, stability has lead my blog in a new direction.

Be careful though, don't read anything that could be too triggering, which can be hard to spot when you're not well.
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Originally Posted by AutumnBreeze View Post
... I have managed to avoid it my entire 'married adult life' ...
Oh for sure it can be done. No doubt about it! We don't come in contact with it at all but we consciously avoid it.
In order to avoid Aspartame and all the other names they give it, YOU HAVE TO BE AWARE OF IT. And you have to know that it can cause many problems that doctors have no way of dealing with.

Millions of people are being poisoned by a combination of Aspartame, the flu vaccines, Fluoride in their drinking water, and what not, and they are not aware of it.

That is all I am saying.

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i also wanted to add that i been watching my diet as certain things trigger migraines. mostly artificial sugar, msg, processed foods. i try to eat fresh food as much as possible but it's hard with the budget. of course i can't mix my meds with imitrex.

ps is splenda ok? i started carrying it around to avoid real or fake sugar...
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UGH. Oh me. I've been dealing with manic depression and OCD since I was in middle school. I also pick my scalp until it bleeds. Disgusting.. yes. For me.. normal. I feel like I'm not as good of a parent as I want to be. I adore my children , but I have horrible rapid cycles. I'm afraid I lash out at my children too often. I never abuse them.. I just get short, and sometimes don't pay attention to them as I should. Some days I feel fabulous and run at five hundred miles per hour.. while other days I don't even wash my face...

I've tried every medication there is.. lithium..prozac..buspar.. paxil.. celexa.. etc..
The only thing that knocks the edge off is lexapro, but I still have my crazy moments even taking the max dosage.
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Don't feel bad - we're all in the same boat.
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bipolar disorder is not caused by aspertame. :
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I fully support natural methods of treatment and healing for anything. But I have never been able to heal myself with nutrition and supplements. I have read the Mood Cure, everything on candida imbalance I can get my hands on. I am frequently at the WAPF website and have read Eat Fat Lose Fat. I make bone broth, take probiotics, buy strictly organic, avoid HFCS and hydrogenated anything and strictly avoid sugar. I try to follow a TF diet. I use a Naturopath, get acupuncture, take CLO, CO and amino acids. But it doesn't work. Mental illness runs very heavily through my family.
I never use aspartame and I make most of our food from scratch.
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Splenda ain't healthy, but I'm not sure it's gonna make your mood worse.

Beth, have you tried fish oil? :

Really though, I think it's pretty obvious that nothing is going to work for everybody. Maybe out there somewhere is a 'natural' cure that will solve everything magically (and I do think a lot of people, though not generally those on MDC, don't try other things enough), but I doubt it. And until we find it, some of us are gonna need psychotropic medications to feel sane, and that's just fine.
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Originally Posted by Arwyn View Post
Beth, have you tried fish oil? :
No ducking necessary. I use cod liver oil but if you mean regular fish oil for the omega's, I have. I actually just ordered some more.
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High doses of high EPA fish oil are what finally did it for me (like 4-6 grams of fish oil that was purified to over 50% EPA by volume. Currently I take 4 grams of that plus 4 grams of CLO every day.). In combination with therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, diet changes, lifestyle changes, moving across the continent, finally moving out of poverty... But yea, fish oil rocks.

I wish my support crew had known about fish oil when I first sought help, but (even with the side effect of gaining 100 pounds) I'm still so grateful that the pharmaceutical option was there to help me when I needed it. It got me well enough that I could work on all the rest of it -- before then, just getting out of bed was a feat too large to accomplish without 3 hours of prep, I could never have put so much energy in to healing myself. Pharmaceuticals rock too.
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Originally Posted by Arwyn View Post
I'm still so grateful that the pharmaceutical option was there to help me when I needed it. It got me well enough that I could work on all the rest of it
This is it exactly.
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I am REALLY tired today and in alot of pain. I totally feel like staying in bed all day but I am going to take the kids to an open gym near here. I'e pretty much bbeen yelling all morning.

But I was up half the night with 2 girls who puked.

they keep randomly puking every 24 hours or so....but dont act sick. whatever man!

I want to go to bed!!!!
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oh and ps, I had a big blowout with my parents who were supposed to be my support while I get treatment so I am back to having zero support network.
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transformed, do your kids have food allergies? Have you ever considered the possibility?

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I have, but I dont have the cognative skills - or whatever - to do the diets. (Like with myself! LOL)
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Oh I hear you. However, you may be between a rock and a hard place because if her vomiting is a food reaction, its one of the more serious ones (its on the list of anaphylactic reactions). The reason I asked about that is because thats how we started getting clued in to my dd's issues. She was vomiting but wasn't sick.
When you decide you are ready to deal with it, the women at the allergy forum here are nothing short of amazing.
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oh, the vomiting, no I am fairly certain its a bug. several ppl in our playgroup cite the same kind of thing going on.
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