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Originally Posted by KatWrangler View Post

There is prescription cost help out there. Talk to your Doc about it.
The funny part of this is....My GP's office merged with the local community clinic, that is how I am finally getting back to recieving medical care. you would THINK they would realize we are lower income and I have no Ins!

I am feeling a bit spastic and jumpy today. I have no patience. I wonder if it is one of my other meds?

Thank you, Kat!
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Here look at this. I know there are other programs.


Free or low-cost medications provided by pharmaceutical companies

Some pharmaceutical companies offer medication assistance programs to low-income individuals and families. These programs typically require a doctor’s consent and proof of financial status. They may also require that you have either no health insurance, or no prescription drug benefit through your health insurance. Please contact the pharmaceutical company directly for specific eligibility requirements and application information.

Abilify Rx Assistance Program: 1-800-332-2056
Try to meditate. Can you go to a quiet place and rest for a bit?
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Another thing. Alot of the Docs with have free samples they can give you. Something to use till you can get on a free/low cost prescription program.

My husband is on Invega, Lamcital and Celexa.
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Originally Posted by lilli'smom View Post
Hi all! I just got the diagnosis yesterday. Amazing that I didn't get it a long time ago, after reading this thread. Man, so much of my life has been controlled by this and I never knew it!

I was at my doc yesterday for other things and then had an appt with the social worker because of my seemingly never ending depression. SW and I spent a long time talking and she asked if I wanted to try another med for it. Well, I did, and we went to talk to the doc and he told me that as many SSRIs as I have been on and gone completely manic on it sounded like BP. After talking to both me and the SW and me doing a BP "quiz", which was painful for me to see and hear the results, they told me that I am bipolar.

My doc and social worker are working to get me into a Pdoc soon. I was given a script for Abilify but HOLY COW!!!! is it over the top expensive. I can't afford it at all. I called the doc to find something way less expensive. Waiting for a call back.

Right now, I am in low place. To me, nothing goes right. Every time I feel like I am making progress I get kicked down several notches. I am not at all suicidal, but I keep feeling like if I died, everything would be so much better for my family. I hate being bat crap crazy!

I did a ton of thinking last night and I can pin down about the time I began to feel my mental health slipping. Puberty. I was always a happy, happy, joy, joy type pre-pubesant kiddo. It was around the year I started my period that I began my downward slope. I began having suicidal thoughts, began running away(many times, even as an adult), became hateful. Then, I would be ok. And the cycle kept going on and on. I had reckless relationships(ok, not relationships...I was a slut), I would shoplift for the thrill of it, I am a cutter. I pull my hair out. I scream and yell, I hate being touched right now.

I also realized that my Mom must have had this, too. I know my Dad did.

Funny thing is, I told DH about the diagnosis and he laughed and said "Duh". He meant it. He said he could see it plain as his nose, but never said a thing to me.

I am just so "happy" to have this right finally. Now, if I could just get the meds...and actually take them.
We all know the feeling but at least there's help, I'm still on the fence, my dd yes, for sure BP but myself? I can't help but wonder how much its just depression vs actual BP. BP has such a stigma and I'm sooo not ready to admit BP even though the meds have turned my life around. I know what you mean about the cost of the Abilify, it was over $1000 for a 1 mo supply for my dd here in the US, sounds like your in Canada?
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No, I am in the US.

I have told a few friends and family, who have all been concerned for my health lately, about the diagnosis. DH is the only one that gets it.

I keep trying to tell people that I am not the BP like Abby's mom on the show ER. That is how *most* people see BP. I know I did.
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There are different types of Bipolar. My husband is Bipolar II.

This one explains the different types.


Here is some info.


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I am so loving my doc. Just called back and they are gathering all the samples they can get for me.
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Mixed States

What do you do when you're in a mixed state?

I'm there, and this is new for me. I think. Maybe I'm just rapid-cycling. Yesterday I was high - just high, but today I want to die.

I'm lying in bed crying but feeling so anxious w/ racing thoughts. Can't get control over myself.

I have depakote sitting on my dresser. How long does it take to take effect? Not sure what to do here.

Sitter is coming in an hour to watch kids for a while. I need to get myself together.
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VisionaryMom, How are you doing?
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I understand that the meds aren't "supposed" to mess with me like that but I have always had it happen that way if I don't continue to take it or I take too small of a dose because I metabolize certain drugs very quickly. Zoloft is one of them which is why I held on to them for a mini fix while I was in avoidance.

Anyway, I've been seeing a pdoc. A really involved and fairly open-minded pdoc who I like alright. He's diagnosed me with Bipolar I with anxiety, add, ocd, and ptsd. I went in there armed with loads of research and info which he kind of disregarded in a way ( i guess they have their starting points) and he put me on Abilify. He gave me a bunch of samples and I see him weekly for now. It seemed okay at first them turned into a living hell. the day I moved up to 10mg my body turned into a writhing nest of snakes and I felt like I was dying. I told him it was making me incredibly restless and upping the dose pushed me over the edge. On top of that he also tried Klonopin with me but it didn't do anything other than give me an allergic reaction and give me some pretty major shortness of breath. tried Atavan with the same results and now on Xanax without the shortness of breath so that is good. I ordered Topamax online myself because I wanted it and he was dragging his feet. I told him about it and he is fine with me taking it (so why wouldn't you prescribe it???) but says he won't because it would be off-label. Whatever. He said to talk to my pcp and he will back me up on getting it since I also have migraines. He is going to do some research.

He really wanted to do Lithium but I didn't tolerate it well years ago. He also likes Depakote but one of my triggers is my weight and I refuse to take anything that will make me gain any more weight. FCOL I already need to lose weight as it is!

I'm up to 50mg of topamax and I am feeling so much better. So far I have no side effects but it's been only a little over a week. I don't get sleepy at all but I drink a lot of coffee too.

It's nice to not feel like a manic mess all the time. That abilify was the worst stuff I ever had in my entire life. I gave it a shot because he really thought it would help.

I would have updated sooner but I could only just sit still in the last few days. I never want to go through the nightmare of the last month again.
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Need to vent and ramble a little, pls give insight

Hi all. I wish I had advice for you all when you need it but I hope you will accept hugs instead

Well, I recently went back on meds since I had my baby - on Depakote and zoloft. My racing thoughts have slowed a lot which is a relief.

I'm going through a very difficult time which doesn't help things. I am divorcing my verbally/emotionally abusive alcoholic husband. I'm alone with the kids and very stressed, very worried about our future and finances. My faith helps but my highs and lows are really swinging. One moment I feel like I'm in the depths of hell and then half an hour later I'm calm again. It's exhausting.

I piss myself off, excuse the language. I hate being bipolar!

Anyway, thanks for listening
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