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Our furniture doesn't match. Most of it was given to us.
I have slipcovers.
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Some of it matches, I guess 65% or so.

I do have plans to strip and refinish all the wood furniture one day, when I have time... In the next 10 years or so. I want a distressed white look for all the wood. I dream of a cottage feel.
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we have new couches that match (thanks, mom!) everything else is sort of hodge-podge, free, old (antique, you could say ).

this reminds of me of right after my DH and i got married, i walked thru our apartment one day and added up everything we had bought (i mean everything, kitchen gear, sheets, furniture, everything) it came to $200! and we had a fully furnished 2 bdrm apartment. granted we were sleeping on a futon mattress on the floor, but still, i was so proud of myself for getting so much free/insanely cheap stuff. I loved that apartment!!! :
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we're a mismatched household!!! i could care less too.
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Add us to the club. We have a little bit of everything. I don't mind though. It's all comfy & clean.
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Ooh, we totally do, and I love it! I'd never want matching furniture! Ours is all from thrift stores, and we've found the most amazing pieces - each of which I completely and utterly fell in love with before buying. The biggest pieces in our living room are:
  • A cream/brown/gold, 9-foot long, pattern-raised velvet (I'm sure there's a word for that), curved couch in perfect condition ($25)
  • a 50's loveseat that just looks homey and sweet ($20)
  • a cute 50's/60's shuttered stereo cabinet as the television stand (it hides the vcr and many of the movies nicely - $35)
  • an amazing, burled wood piano from 1888 (this is the most beautiful antique piano I've ever seen, in nearly perfect condition - I think it was $125)

Since I love each piece so much, they seem to sort of fit together somehow, and the room as a whole looks absolutely beautiful to me.
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Most of our stuff is mismatched, both by accident and on purpose.

We have lots of hand me down wood furniture and DH went through an auction kick a while back so with the exception of our dining room furniture, everything wood is second hand one way or another.

While purchased new, the dining table and chairs were purchased seperately.

Our couch doesn't match our two living room chairs and I like it that way.
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I prefer an 'eclectic' look myself...
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yeah, for sure. We have two couches that match but that's it - lots of clashing wood colors around here.
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We have mismatched stuff that matches if that makes sense

I don't like the whole, everything matches perfectly look though so

We are happy
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I try to buy as little as possible new so definitely yes a mismatched home! But then we live simply in a little cabin type house so it doesn't really matter. I am much more concerned with having a NON TOXIC home than a well matched one. We have recently sprung for a new organic futon sofa but that was because we couldn't handle the toxic dust from our old one.
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You all seem so at peace with your non matching houses. I hate mine... I want it to look like a showroom but 1. I am not that talented at matching things... and 2. I don't have that kind of money.

But really, if I had talent #1, and could match stuff, I could probably make it happen for less money. Since I don't I will have to just buy a whole room pre-matched at the furniture store. Someday.... a girl can dream.

And in the mean time I don't invite people over.
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I have never had matched furniture. My mom has a 1970s orange love seat, paired with a blue rocking recliner, and a maroonish leather couch. The love seat was really from the 70's, the blue chair was used from the paper and the leather stuff (couch, chair, footstool thingy) came from a garage sale. That's what I grew up with. To me, it blends, so it's OK. Should I mention that they also have green carpet? lol

Now I have in my house, a 1970's orange love seat, from my mom's basement, a black end-table that was a college dorm "special" at WalMart a couple of years back, and a piece of butcherblock on top of my enclosed cat pan that takes the place of an endtable. To me, it blends with our hardwood floor, and heck we have a dog crate, cat tree, and a freezer in our living room so who cares? pictures
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Nothing in our house match. Unless that you count all furnitures are wooden. I don't like glass or metal things. I have a friend whose dinner table is glass top. She doesn't use place mats. I always feel weird sitting there and look through it at our legs.

We don't decorate much and have no style. Maybe that's a style.
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This thread is a gift for me. Thank you for helping me feel better about my own furniture.

Lately I've been feeling so crappy about my house. It's clean, and comfortable. But it's mismatched. Most of what I have I picked up cheap or used, here and there. I like all of it. I guess I've been spending too much time in my mom and MIL's houses, where everything is picture-perfect matching and bought brand-new, and I've gotten envious. I know that I can't afford stuff like that, and it would be incredibly wasteful to buy it anyway, especially with three small (and, dare I say it, DESTRUCTIVE) children in the house. My house fits my values. But sometimes I have "perfect house" envy.
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Originally Posted by aaronsmom View Post
We do and sometimes I'm embarrassed about it. :
We have a nice deep red leather (pleather?) rocking/reclining chair, a blue couch, a nice mahogony wood coffee table, and a lighter wood entertainment center and computer desk that sorta match. Most of it is second hand (except the desk which is a cheap assemble-yourself dealio from walmart) and we really just can't afford to buy new furniture that matches.
The only thing we really own that matches is our nice kitchen table and chairs that we got as a gift two years ago.
Do you have mismatched furniture?

We do, but it's on purpose. My style is what I call eclectic repurpose chic, lol. I shop thrift store, garage sales, craigslist and what have you. I'm fond of found objects and items from the 1960-70's. I like for my home to feel comfortable, yet unique. My items compliment each other, but they are not matchy matchy. I think it has a lot more character than purchasing a suite of furniture from a showroom. Maybe you just need to rethink your pieces. You can use paint as a unifying element. Also fabric can be a unifying element. You could have blue pillows on the couch and red pillow for the blue chair or something to that effect. I have some pix on my blog of my living room redux. It's all thrift store stuff or handme downs. I love it!
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I think the matchy look is out for the most part. But to me, I have to have everything coordinating and in the same style. I do the country primitive look, so I use a lot of antiques and reproduction furniture. My sofa and settle match in fabric, but I use a lot of different colors of wood, just all in the same style. I think you can create a great look with mis-matched furniture if you stick to a style.
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Not much here matches. We usually take other peoples unwanted furnature, yard sales, flea markets, etc. NO WAY am I buying new stuff while I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old. It would look new for about a week, if that.
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we're slowly trying to get more "grown up" furniture after years of living with garage sale stuff or furniture DH made in high school
our sofa and and recliner sort of match. we bought them new in the last 4 years. we bought a nice wooden tv armoire a couple of years ago and that all gives our living room a modern cottage look. our dinning room table is a garage sale find from 8 years ago. our dinning chairs were bought unfinished and we painted them black. i would love to have matching-ish bedroom furniture because right now we have a bed with no headboard, one oak night stand DH made in high school (I don't have a night stand), a really nice dark-stained solid oak dresser drawer and a very cute white crib from Target. oh and a corner reading chair from a garage sale and a chair for DH to dress also from a garage sale. oh my, I had no idea how much came from garage sales!!!

i'm not embarrassed though because it's all work in progress.
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Originally Posted by SuzyLee View Post
And in the mean time I don't invite people over.
Really? You should. People don't care. I think as long as things are reasonably clean and tidy, what does it matter?

Nothing matches at our house, either. We have a few inherited antiques, and the rest is freecycle, hand-me-down, or picked up off the side of the road. I still think our house looks very cozy and presentable, however.
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