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Spiruline--how do you take it?

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I really do want to take spirulina everyday for this pg. But...it's yucky! If I could remember to make a smoothie everyday, it'd be easy to hide in there. But, I forget. So, then I mix it w/juice and it's flavorless, but glops up and I feel like I waste it. Last night, I tried it w/a spoonful of yogurt, but it wasn't mixed enough... Oh My...there has to be a better way.

Any ideas that work(ed) for you?
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The company "Fresh Samantha" makes a juice with Spiruline in it. It tastes pretty good, but a $2.79 bottle has only 2 servings.
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You can get it in pill form if you really can't stomach it.
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SMOOTHIES! I took spirulina every day while I was pregnant in smoothies: plain organic yogurt, peeled frozen bananas, fresh strawberries, blueberries, mango, whatever, and a few teaspoons of spirulina powder. It's a terrific and VERY healthy breakfast.
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