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reusable lunch containers

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I'm just wondering what other people are using for their kid's lunches. We don't want to buy plastic at all. I find myself using leftover pasta jars for soups or rices but they are awfully big and bulky. I would also like to stop buying little yogurt containers, applesauce containers, etc. which conveniently go in the lunch. I'm just not sure what the non plastic alternative might be.
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I haven't found a great alternative to the "liquid" tranpsort yet either - but we did buy several of these for sandwiches - the boy loves 'em!

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Yep, we have the wrap n mats.
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I think there are little stainless cups - they do have plastic lids.
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Pyrex makes some small glass bowls. They have plastic lids, but the bowls themselves are glass. We use these a lot. I have seen small stainless steel bowls with lids that would work as well. I make my own wraps for sandwichs and snack bags. I like mine better thatn wrap-n-mat because they have a hemp lining so your food is not sitting on the plastic. We also use kleen kanteens for liquids.

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there are the thermos containers for kids - stainless steel body, but plastic lid. they are made in china, though.:

are you avoiding plastic for health reasons? if that was the case, i'm not sure that a wrap n mat is a great alternative, unless you used something so it didn't touch the food.

i'm still trying to figure out the lunch container thing myself. off to google stainless steel cups. i like the idea of glass, but i'm not so sure how the teachers would feel about it.
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If you're trying to avoid plastic completely, you could look at tiffin containers. Also, Sigg makes little metal boxes too. I'm not sure how water tight either of them are though.
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The wrap n mats are dead SIMPLE to make yourself. You only have to switch around the velcro to accommodate using them for wraps instead of sandwiches. I've also made our own "ziplock" that are washable. If I need to put in something that might leak, I put the layer of plastic in between the 3 layers of fabric so the plastic is not touching the food like Dakota's Mom above.

For soups, we use Thermos. It's the only thing we've found to use. Oh well.

The SIGG boxes are not water tight. We have one.

We do, however have a metal box that we bought in Turkey that they use in the schools over there. It's water tight. You might look at ethnic websites for what you want.
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Thanks for the suggestions. We are pretty content with the wrap n mat since it is mainly used for cold sandwiches. I can also throw a few dry snacks in there as needed. We also use Siggs or other stainless steel for drinks.

I guess the main thing I'm looking for is something that holds hot leftovers like soups, rices, pasta, that type of thing. The pyrex bowls sound like something worth looking into. If there are any other ideas, let me know.

I would mostly like to avoid anything made in china or with plastic as much as possible.
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Many schools don't allow glass in lunchboxes. Check w/ yours.
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We use tiffins in lunches, stainless steel, but they are not water tight. They do just fine for pasta or rice or anything like that, but for things like yogurt or soup I put a glass pyrex dish (with lid) inside it.
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Tupperware has some awesome dishes for lunches. Im not sure if they are plastic or not though. But would be worth checking into.
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