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Name opinions

Poll Results: Which do you like best? Opinions

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I am interested in opinions on the following names. I sent DH a list of 15 names and told him to pick his 5 faves. One of the names on this list is the one my eldest desperately wants (she post about Tricky name dilema) but that I am not so keen on.

Keep in mind, all my kids have two middle names because we thought we were only having one so we gave him both grandfathers' names, and our last name is a hyphen so the kids carry 5 names.

The middle names will be Rebecca Mary
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I love Vera! It sounds so elegant and regal, and it's not over popular, and it works for all "ages and stages" of life. very very nice choice imo.
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I chose Vera as well. I am drawn toward classic names the most.
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I chose Vera, but I liked Lorelei a lot as well. Both are very pretty names.
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I chose Lorelei, because I think it complements your existing children's names best.

Plus, it's lovely.
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Lorelei and Vera are our top picks, as well. Vera is his paternal g-ma's name, and she passed away back in the '20s or '30s. There are no pictures of her or anything so we thought it would be a nice tribute to her. His mom's name was Veronica, but she hated it because people shortened it to Ronnie and that bothered her until the day she died. I thought Vera was close enough to Veronica also. Lorelei is actually from a German story that I always liked and I have fond memories of visit the Lorelei statue in Germany.

So I guess our names are tentatively

Merrick Phillip Beckett for a boy (Merrick for his sister Mary, and Beckett for his late sister Rebecca)

Lorelei or Vera Rebecca Mary for a girl.
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I chose Ainsley....I just like it.
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