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Alt Language Learning Supplies?

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I'm worried about maintaining DS's Turkish language skills and looking for some preschool-type teaching supplies in Turkish--you know, posters with the alphabet, pictures with the identifying word in Turkish, etc. I tried a Google search and came up with nada, but certainly there must be something somewhere! Anyone????? And while we're at it, how about teaching supplies in other languages for the other mamas here?
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a link, program for learning turkish and english numbers


alfabet and more

a nice children's magazine fro 3-6y old:


sites for pre-schoolers

resimli sozluk

I have the 'ciftlik' book at home and it's absolutely great! The pictures are really fascinating, with lots to see.

Online you may search for 'okul oncesi egitim', 'turk alfabesi', cocuklar icin turkce to find online resources or publishers, alfabe, kelimeler, resimli sozluk,... your husband may help you in finding the right search phrases

If you do not find any material with Turkish alfabet (really hard to find also in Turkey mostly English alfabet, buy an english one and add the Turkish letters yourself and eliminate the xqw. Or you crate one yourself completely, in wood, or cardboard, or fabric, or on magnets, paper?

Buy a set of English flashcards and add the Turkish words. Do the same for english picture books. If you really do not find turkish materials.

Succes with Turkish homeschooling, TrKate.
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I finally realized, "Duh! DH is in Istanbul!" I sent him to D&R and Carrefour to buy some of the preschool workbook things, board books with "my first words," and stuff like that. Hopefully he'll get on board with it!
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Glad to hear you can get the materials easily, seems like it was a big 'JETON' for you to remember your Dh in İstanbul LOL ('jeton düşmüş').
I would just suggest to have some materials come over from friends/relatives in Turkey.
And still online you may find more in the near future. Turkish pre-school stuff is developing fast since the past few years so hopefully you'll be able to find enough resources.

I always shop for a lot of books and some language material when in my home country. And my mom has brought loads of books too.

Do they have material available at the Turkish cuşltural center, or maybe you can exchange with or copy from materials of other Turkish parents there?
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