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head cold?

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anyone else suffering from one?

I've got a nasty sinus infection dr. says i can do nothing virtually !
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Not yet but I'm sure I'll get one soon. My CP says Sudafed is safe but I avoid that even when not pregnant so I stick with saline nose drops, tons of fluids (including tea w honey and lemon) and just get as much rest as possible. Hope you feel better soon!
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Yep, I'm suffering. I always get one in every one of my first trimesters. And I just suffer through it.

Sorry you are having to deal with it.
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I have a cold too. I heard no Sudafed until the 2nd trimester, but the sheet from my midwives said it was okay with no mention of the 2nd trimester thing. I haven't taken any, though. I've just been resting a lot, using a humidifier, drinking a lot of fluids (ginger, lemon and honey tea!) and gargling with salt water. It is definitely a bummer.

I have taken guaifenesin a few times to loosen things up, but I didn't really feel like it did much.
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I also find peppermint tea helps loosen my sinuses and chicken soup! Particularly a fan of matzo ball noodle soup - I swear it cures things!
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Yum soup!!! Soup is my comfort food, especially when I am sick. Will have to find some of the matzo ball soup.
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My RE okay'd the Sudafed in the first trimester. I had a horrible cold a few weeks ago and took it several times. I also used the neti pot, which helped a lot. Tea with honey for the cough. . . and lots of rest. I'm sorry you are feeling miserable, on top of dealing with the normal first trimester yucks. I hope you feel better soon!
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Pretty much our whole house is sick with a nasty cold. Dh and ds had sinus infections that they are on abx for. I am just using a neti pot and trying to take in lots of liquids. Oh, and steamy showers morning and night help for a short time.
Hope you all feel better soon.
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Yucky cold here too. My kids have had snot pouring out for the last 2 weeks, and my nose isn't running, but it's a bit stuffy and everything's been draining down my throat for over a week. I lost my voice for a few days, but it has mostly come back.

I've been using a Netipot everyday and gargling salt water.
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