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PICS: Baby Acne?? Really bad case, or something else?

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Does this look like baby acne? It's on DD's face, eyelids, scalp, and even in her ears.




I have been exploring this over in the allergy board and this does look like some babies that ultimately had a dairy allergy. But want to check over her too so its not like "looking for an allergy, finding an allergy" I need people from the non-allergy board to tell me if this ever looked like YOUR baby with baby acne, and not a food allergy.

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can't see your pics, I get photobucket message "this image has been moved or deleted".
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I fixed them...try again. Thanks!
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only her face? none on her body?
ds had newborn bumps, i really have no advice but if anything could it be your soaps/detergents/lotions?? if you wear perfume could be that? i've never seen them that bad before any new foods in your diet?

ah gl mama
she's beautiful btw
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Is it only on her body? If it's only on her face, is there something on her sheets/bed she could be sensitive to? (detergent, softener, wet-proof mattress covers).

My babies all had baby acne, but never that bad.

If your sure nothing's irritating her, then dropping dairy can't hurt. I think they suggest six weeks, then try it again and if it comes back you've got your answer.
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It looks more like a rash to me. Have you been to see her ped?
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Yeah, my baby had it that bad. I think it was a combo of heat rash and acne. It would temporarily clear up (80% improvement) if I took a really warm bath with her that got her sweaty and then cooled and dried off.
You might want to talk to her ped just to be sure.
But newborn skin can be surprisingly funky.
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Mine has looked like that too. She's almost 8 weeks and is just starting to clear up now. You can see some pics of when it was pretty bad at celiapumpkinpie.shutterfly.com
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My second ds had baby acne that bad. It started at his scalp and went down to his shoulders and chest. And, it took a really long time to clear up completely. I used to swear that EVERY pore on his face was inflamed.
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How old is she? My son got a rash like that--when someone gave him chocolate at 5mos. I vote allergy.
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My dd had baby acne rash that was about that bad when she was 4-5 weeks old. It actually covered her whole body. It looked approximately like that . . . maybe more splotchy, but similar. It cleared up without leaving any permanent damage by 6 wks, I think. It was a bit scary but normal for her. I can't say for sure if that's what you're seeing on your baby, but dd did have really bad baby acne for a couple of weeks.
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She is beautiful, first off
It looks more like a heat rash to me... My youngest had something similar for a few days, though I don't remember if it was in the ears and all, I just remember the red spots/bumps...
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mine had it worse, on her ears, neck face into her scalp. It started at about 4 weeks and is clearing up on its own at 6. you could tell it was acne because they really look like tiny zits. plus I think the fact it's not on her body points to acne.
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I vote rash too. I don't have a babe, but every pic of me that age I look like that. I was allergic to peanuts, milk (yes allergic, I am now intolerant joy) and every fake scent, colour and flavour. Be very careful with what is on your skin too, I was even allergic to my moms soap and detergent. So if you change something, the whole house has to change!
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DS had pretty bad acne, but it was clustered more in the places one would expect it. Hers is no worse on the cheeks, where baby acne is common, than is it on her ears, where one doesn't expect much. The distribution says rash to me.

Does she have any bumps on other areas? If she has no bumps on areas that are covered with clothing, then I would look at external exposure and not food. If she does have it in clothed areas as well, then I would look at food. When did it start? Timing could point towards a trigger. One possible trigger that pops into my head is cold, from the areas that it seems to appear and the time of year. Or maybe wool sweaters that adults wear while holding her to rub her head against.
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My two babies that did not have allergies had acne that did not look that bad at all. My one with a dairy allergy had a similar looking rash (though not as wide spread) that eventually was diagnosed as excema, and was related his level of dairy intake.

ETA: Ds' was mostly only on his face, too - but it was still related to his allergy.
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Awww cutie!!

My DD had acne that was worse than that. It wasn't in her ears, but it was on her scalp.
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That actually looks like a rash I had in highschool that covered my entire body. It didnt itch and wasnt the least bit uncomfortable. Just a bit unsightly. They gave me some cream for it and it went away.

Is it on her entire body? or just the face? It really looks like a rash. What did the ped say?
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: your baby is beautiful. such gorgeous chubby cheeks!:
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Thanks for all the responses!

To answer questions:

- It is on her face, eyelids, on and in her ears, and throughout her scalp.
- It started about 5wks of age. She is now 6wks.
- It is not on her body.
- It seems to be worse in the morning interestingly. Which does lead me to wonder if it is heat rash or contact rash from bedding. I have her laying on a blanket over my sheets tonight. I thought everything was washed in All Free & Clear but maybe last time the sheets got washed they were accidentally washed with something else? All my clothes are also washed in All Free & Clear. Anyway, it looks better in the evening but worse at night.
- I have talked to her doctor, who seems kind of unsure as to what it is.
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