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east bay mammas

I'm here in Hayward and need to meet new like minded mammas too...
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We're in Orinda.
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I'm here in San Jose, and I would love to meet other AP moms with wee ones. We have a 2 year old DD and a son due in April, so if there are other toddler/new baby moms in the area, let's get together for tea or something warm, or meet up at a park.


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I just moved to San Bruno
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I'm in Berkeley most of the year and coastal Sonoma in the summer.
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Originally Posted by f&p'smama View Post
We're in Orinda.
Cool--you don't see too many Lamorinda moms here. We are in Moraga.
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There are a few of us in contra costa. I am in Antioch!
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We're far east East Bay, in Brentwood.
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We are in SF. But with this babe coming we might have to move out of our tiny, rent-controlled apartment to EB in a few years.
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We are in Walnut Creek.
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Originally Posted by LisainCalifornia View Post
Cool--you don't see too many Lamorinda moms here. We are in Moraga.
Hi! We're close to Moraga, actually, near Miramonte.
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Hi there-

There are two of us in the South Bay that are going to get together next Thursday (1/22) at 10:00am. We are going to meet at Schmidt Park in Santa Clara. Here's the info:


If there are any of you that might be in the area who want to join us, please do! We'll be at the kids' play area.

Looking forward to it!
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I'm in San Pablo, but we might be moving to Oakland/Berkeley area in the spring.
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We're in San Leandro!
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Hi, we're in San Leandro too!

Mom to 15 month old daughter
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I'm in Lafayette.
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Hello, All! We are in San Jose.

"Reasonably Open Minded Parents"--I love that.
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On Haight Street in SF. So surprised that the rest of the SF mamas I know aren't posting here anymore. Guess we are all too busy with toddlers
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If any like minded or less like minded ladies are looking for some friends, I am! lol I don't have kids (yet), but I'm very kid friendly. Just rather lonely. I'm currently in Marin, but I do to berkely a lot and hope to move there in a couple months.
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I'm in Palo Alto. When can we all meet up? :P
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