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I need your good thoughts now mamas!

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Last night I was on my way to a LLL meeting (alone, thank goodness) and I was in a pretty bad car accident. Some older woman rear-ended my car while I was stopped 10 cars deep at a red light. I then hit the car in front of me and she then hit the side of my car too.
I think I immediately went into a state of shock b/c it seems like I went into this odd survival/protective mode and when I got out of the car to assess the situation all I could think about was my car! To me the impact did not seem that bad.....my head hurt a little from the force but otherwise I didn't think anything was wrong. I refused medical help. I was just freaking out about my car!! As it is I drive the oldest car in town and now it was all fu**ed up! We just bought our first house this summer and things are extremely tight financially. My car is 12 years old and we just have minimal insurance on it, no collision. Who the hell fixes a 12 year old car??!!
The police officers kept telling me that the hit was pretty bad. Still I wasn't thinking about my baby.....strange. The woman who hit me never even apologized. She told the officers that she saw my car stopped but crashed into it anyway :
My dh had to come get me b/c the car was not drivable. When he got there and I saw my dd's in the backseat of his car I realized how lucky I was that they were home with him. My 7 year old was very upset. She is the one who took Casey's death the hardest. She was very concerned about the baby, my dh was trying to calm her. I told her that I was OK.
When we got home she put her hand on my belly and the baby started moving. That's when I started to be concerned. For the rest of the night I was hyper-sensitive to every little movement, non-movement, pain, etc. I just made an appt to see my m/w this morning. I do still feel the baby moving around normally and I feel fine, but I just don't know....kwim? Now that I have had time to think about the whole thing I just feel like there's too much to lose by not being checked out, even if it's for nothing.
That's all really....sorry for the long post.
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Oh mama! How awful!
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Oh wow, how scary!!!! Definitely go to the midwife and talk about it with her, but I also recommend getting some Rescue Remedy and adding a few drops to a bottle of water which you sip throughout the day.

Take care of yourself!
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That is very scary! I would also go and get checked just for peace of mind!
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Hi Elise,

I'm so glad you're not hurt and that your baby is still moving around normally - those are great signs. I agree it is great to get checked out - that's what your MW is there for, after all - but I think you can be cautiously optimistic that probably everything is okay. LO is cushioned really well in there! My mom fell down a full flight of stairs (actually an escalator) when she was pg with me.

It happens to be a great time to buy a car. The car dealers are desperate because no one is buying, and are giving really good deals, lots with no money down. At this time of year you can get an '08 for a good discount. I don't blame you for not having collision insurance on your car - I won't either, when my car is that old. My mom has no collision on her 9 year old car.

I hope that lady got some mega points on her license at the very least!!!

Again, so glad you're okay. Let us know what the MW says.
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I'm sure everything is okay, but if it turns out you have any medical issues, definitely sue. Her insurance will pay everything, so it's not like you will be hurting her personally, that's what the insurance is there for, but only if you sue them, otherwise they won't pay you. That's how insurance companies work.

Keep in mind that whiplash and other back problems related to a car accident often take many months to manifest. I would see a chiropractor right away, if I were you, just to head off any future back/neck problems. An ounce of prevention, as they say.
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Oh my goodness, how scary! Please do get checked out and keep us posted.

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Ugh that's awful! And what an awful woman. Thank God you and Baby are okay. I'm glad you're getting checked out but I'm sure Baby is fine--s/he's got the best cushion in the world. (Sorry I can't remember right now if its a boy or girl or TBA....)

I hope that you can rest some today and this weekend--it seems like accidents are sometimes worse the couple days afterwards, when your body has a chance to relax and feel it a little more.

Just my two cents, but if I were you, when things are settled some, I would go down (or send DH) to the police agency that did the crash report and get a copy, plus copies of any supplemental incident reports that were created by that or any other agencies on scene. Just for your own protection, and in case you need contact info for witnesses/other victims down the road.

Let us know how your appointment goes.
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Keep on boogying, baby!

As a paramedic, I would look to how far the damage intruded into the passenger compartment of the car to determine what underlying injuries you or baby might be at risk for. If there was exterior damage only, but the inside of the car looks good, then the car did its job and kept the impact isolated to the exterior. If there is any damage that extended to the interior portion of the car, then I'd go to the emerg and get the diagnostics just to rule out anything serious. Does that make sense?

How are you feeling today? Any aches or pains or stiffness anywhere?

Prayers coming at you and baby ....
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Oh man, I am so sorry!! Hopefully you and your little one are ok!
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Thank you all for the good advice and support.

My m/w had me on the monitor for a while to check baby's heart rate and movements and to see if I was having any contractions. Everything seems to be OK. She told me to just look out for any fluid leakage and/or blood and contractions, of course. I wouldn't have even considered getting checked out before I was PAL, it's funny how that changes you and your perspectives.

As far as the back and neck issues....I really can't be seen by a chiropractor b/c I have severe scoliosis and have had a spinal fusion so I have rods and hooks in my back. There really isn't much a chiro can do for me. I do still feel OK, hopefully that continues.

I got a call from the body shop where my car is and he's gonna call it totaled. Which means they consider book value and what similar cars are going for in this area to get a fair amount. Which means if I get 2 grand for my car I will be swinging from the trees. I looked a bit on Craig's list and saw some comparable cars (I drive a minivan with the extra row seating) for around 4 grand. Hmmm....anyone know a legal way to get 2 grand asap? lol! I don't think a bake sale is gonna cut it this time.
If we didn't just buy a house I would consider taking on a car payment, but unfortunately that is not even an option right now....no matter how small a payment it is. Fun times :

I am soooo lucky I am OK and my children are OK. I need to keep that perspective. As sh**ty as things can get (they do get sh**ty don't they?) life is still pretty good.
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I'm so glad things are ok today! Glad you got checked out, and that's good news about the car! Hope emotionally you're doing ok too, not too freaked out now. Sometimes we don't realize the impact of things until later.
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So glad that you and baby are alright!! I totally hear you about the car though. My sister just gave me her old minivan so that I could have a car that has working heat and a/c (and isn't 19 years old!) Hopefully you can find something soon.
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