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I live in Canada, and I got 17 weeks of paid maternity leave plus an additional 35 weeks of parental leave that was available for me/my husband/split between the 2 of us. Since he's self-employed and works from home I took the full years-worth. It's only a percentage of what I was making monthly, but it does help. I don't know what I'm going to do when that runs out...I really want to stay at home until my kid(s) go to school.

I had an interesting conversation with a friend the other day about how our fight for equality in the workplace sort of backfired because while women do get equal pay and promotion opportunities (at least in theory), we get stuck balancing the same work expectations as our male counterparts with the demands of being a mom. So instead of adjusting the workplace to meet our needs we have to adjust our lives to meet the needs of both the workplace and the family...or choose one or the other. Which sucks. A lot.
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i think its a great idea, and dont worry about offending WOH moms. If you slant it towards changing public policy to make this a viable choice for more families, rather than a guilt-trip for WOH moms, that should work...and besides, any passionate view is going to offend somebody.

I read a great book a while ago by a child dvelopment expert, Penelope Leach, and while based in the UK rather than US, it still might have relevant points for you. Its called 'Who cares: a new deal for mothers and their small children', and basically argues for the government to pay for mothers to stay home with under 3's, and explains why day care is detrimental to under 3's.

also, 'affluenza' by oliver james has a chapter about early attachment and how today's modern emphasis on getting and having more, material wise, is detrimental to the mother-child bond by forcing mothers back into work even when it isn't strictly economically necessary (i.e. you could still feed and clothe your family on one income, but you need a fancy car or a better house or whatever).

Another book I read is called 'Come home to your children' - cant recall the author - and that is a U.S. author. It explained, amongst other things, how you can make it possible to stay home even if you think you can't, and explains why its actually b etter financial sense to do so, as well as for all the other reasons.

I also discovered an organisation called 'full time mothers' in the u.k., perhaps there's one similar in the US? here in the u.k. we get 9 months paid leave and 3 months unpaid. It's a huge improvement from, only a few years ago, only 3 months paid leave, and certainly much better than the u.s. deal. Most mothers i know chose to take the full leave, which just shows.

good luck!
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I have been thinking about this a lot. The challenges I face as a SAHM are this: economic concerns,and a lack of a support system (this can be built-sought out). If I was a WOHM I personally would be struggling with many,many more issues. I would be very concerned about DS, I would be struggling with how to be an attachment parenting mother-We use cloth Diapers, learning natural infant hygiene, BF on demand, take naps together, practice baby wearing, working on baby Sign language, and I'm mom to 13 yr old DD and she needs me too. Soooo....I'm at home, I'm very grateful and happy my DH supports this choice. I think telling different people stories would be the most powerful form for this book. "Be the change you wish to see in the world" I would love to see legistlation that supports the choice to stay home while our children are in their infancy. My brother-in-law received $3000 by being his children daycare provider. Unfortunately that program was discontinued.
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Well, canada is pretty good. we get a year maternity + parental leave as the pp said. And we also get (depending on your familial income and your province) upto $425/month in child tax benefits. Which I get all of, and BOY does it come in handy. Still, it's not really enough to stay home one, so we pinch pennies and all the rest. But, I'd rather be pinching pennies with my daughter than working to have abundance away from her.
Now, i'm looking to the middle road : working at home part time.
Good luck on your book. I say: write what you feel inspired to do and critics can say what they will. I'm sure many authors had issues with SOMe demographic when they ppublished.
I also think that some mothers are passionate about what they do away from home and that they must pursue that. It's a personal choice a lot of the time, not just a cultural one.
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