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It's been nearly a year....

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Well, ds3's birthday is on Thanksgiving. I've been depressed for the last few days. Just thinking about the events leading up to and the events after his birth have me really depressed. I'm starting to have panic attacks again and getting that thing where I think I can't swallow. My chest is heavy too. I'm still taking my prozac. Just had to vent here.
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I'm sorry you're having a rough patch now.
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Isn't it funny how anniversaries of things can bring back the old feelings. I had a hard time for a bit when last may rolled around because it was the anniversary of when my panic attacks started. If I were you, I would ride it out for a week or so, but if you don't start to feel any better, go back into your doctor. Perhaps it is time to adjust or change your medication. For some people our bodies learn how to metabolize it and it becomes less effective. If panic attacks are a common symptom for you, you might ask about Zoloft or Lexapro. They are both commonly used for panic and anxiety, and both worked wonderfully for me.

I had a relapse last year that lasted from about Thanksgiving till right after Christmas. According to my Psychiatrist, that is pretty common. However, I really feel like I got screwed out of the enjoyment of the holidays and my faith wasn't terribly strong then. I know you are a fellow Catholic and this is such a beautiful time in the Church that I would hate to see you miss out on the joy.

I'll keep you in my prayers everyday. If you aren't asking for help in your own prayers, start now. Sometimes just turning things over to God and admitting that we are beyond what we can do on our own helps. If you need anything, or just want to chat or vent, PM me. You know I'm always here for you.

BTW, has it really been a year?
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Thanks so much everyone! Dh and I had a long talk last night. I got some crying out so that was good. I know the holidays aren't helping this situation any. Also, my MIL, her husband, and my SIL are coming for Thanksgiving. We don't have the best relationship and I haven't seen them for three plus years. Plus Thanksgiving is Jackson's actual birthday. On top of that we're having it at our house which I've never done before. I think I'm just freaked out all the way around! I'll take Jackson in for his one year check up next week and talk to the doc then about what I'm feeling. Thanks again!
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Goodness gracious, Amy!!! No wonder you're having panic attacks. That would be enough to send anyone over the edge. We aren't going anywhere this Thanksgiving (except to the next door neighbors house cause they aren't going anywhere either) and I can't wait for a nice, RELAXING holiday. I get the feeling that you aren't going to get that.

I'd tell you to take it easy, but I thing we both know that isn't going to happen.:LOL Just try to keep your sanity for a week. I bet things look up after that.
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I just retook the PPD test and I'm back up to 70. I was at 78 when this whole thing started and got down to like 20 something this summer. I saw my dr. today and he upped my dosage. I just feel so lousy right now.
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What is the ppd test?
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I'm sorry it's bad again.

Thinking of you on your birthday.
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Don't forget that the holidays are a busy and stressful time, and lots of people (me!) have a harder time around the holidays. By the middle or end of January you would almost certainly score lower on the test, without any changes to what you're doing. With the holidays being done in a few weeks plus upping your dosage, I'm sure you'll be feeling better soon.

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