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I go only a few times a year, but when I can hook up with my parents (their card), I always stock up on Organic No-Salt Seasoning (Kirkland brand), dried fruit, and fresh fruit. The last time I was there, I got a 5 (I think?) pound flat of blackberries for about $6. DS and I were in heaven. I bought three!
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Our Costco staples are:

organic peanut butter
red peppers
lettuce - romaine and organic mixed greens
baby cucumbers
veg oil (we decant both oils into smaller bottles)
organic fruit leather
milk - their no-hormone Costco brand is cheap! (we pay $2.55 for 2 gallons of 1%)
Tropicana - since pregnant, I crave OJ. They have 4 cartons for $9.95, which is cheaper than sale price at grocery stores
eggs - we buy the non-organic kind, 2 packs of 18
Costco brand TP, unless I can get better deals using coupons and store sales
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Saran wrap (bought a box 5-6 years ago and still using the same box)
Ziploc baggies
Paper towels
BEER (About once a year I get a 24 pack of the Mike's)

.........lots more, but not everything is cheaper. I can get most our regular food cheaper at Winco.
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The rolls of butcher paper used to be with the restaurant & food service supplies (mega-packs of paper cups, giant rolls of plastic wrap, etc.). I haven't looked for them in a while, but I'd guess that they're still there.

BTW, I forgot to mention that we also used to buy a lot of our linens at Costco, including pillows, lovely thick towels, cotton fleece throws from Germany, and Portuguese flannel sheets. The prices were very reasonable for such high quality. I had another look at their selection recently, and it seemed to be more hit and miss. Then again, maybe this was always true, and I've just erased the memories of the mediocre stuff.
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Where to start?

Tillamook Cheese
Jarlsburg Cheese
Laura Chanel Goat Cheese
Smoked turkey lunchmeat
frozen chicken breast tenders
organic coffee
Mexican Coke (with real cane sugar, so it's not as bad as HFCS, right? )
Organic butter
Organic baby greens
Organic baby carrots
Organic blueberries/strawberries in the summer
Gluten-free chicken meatballs
Organic tortilla chips
Grey Goose vodka
Johnnie Walker Black Label scotch
File Folders
Cat litter
Baby Motrin
Fresh flowers
Organic marinara sauce
Organic chicken broth
Amy's vegan chili
White vinegar (for stripping CDs )
Motor Oil
Garbage Bags
Duraflame logs
Toilet Paper
Canned chicken (for making nachos)
Braun electric toothbrush heads
Children's books

Before we went gluten-free, there were lots, lots more things, too...
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OMG their meatballs - I forgot...they're $15 for a (can't remember how many oz/lbs) bag but I have found no other meatballs (not mine, not any other brand, not restaurant) that taste so good or are safe for me to eat (I can't have ANY MSG).
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dang, I wish there were a costco closer to me. THe closest one is 15 miles away, but in the traffic that never seems to dissapear, it takes about 45 minutes to get there I have a BJ's membership, but I'm definitely not gettign awesome deals like y'all are!!
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I also forgot that a few months ago, they had really great organic cotton kids pajamas for $15 or so a pair.

They also have movie, restaurant, and Starbucks GCs for 20% off--you get five $20 GCs for $80. Here, they also have awesome deals on ski lift tickets for the Sierra-Tahoe resorts and Disneyland.

Oh, we got our tires and DH's most recent eye exam there, too--great deals!
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coffee, cheese, meat, I don't buy salmon there because it's not wild caught but other fish sometimes, books, toilet paper, napkins, laundry detergent, DW detergent, breakfast sausage, fresh fruit and vegies, my allergy meds, organic butter, canned tomatoes, baking soda, yeast, chocolate chips
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toothbrushes - $14.99 for a package of 10.
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Bananas, cheese, salad (we can get a huge tub of organic spring mix cheaper than a small bag of non-organic at the grocery store), fruit, orange juice, milk, butter, eggs, and broth. We don't eat a ton of canned goods, but canned beans and canned tomatoes are a good deal there too. Our biggest saver is gas. We probably save enough $$ on gas at Costco to pay for our membership each year.
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Man, this makes me want to go to Costco! Our Sam's membership is set to expire next month and we have no plans to renew it, and I hope to convince DH to go over to Costco instead. I think the contact lenses might be the selling point!
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cheese of all kinds, peanut butter, olive oil, canned crab, nutella, sprouted grain bread. we decided it's not really worth it anymore, but will go with relatives a couple times a year.
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Originally Posted by Amys1st View Post
Do you go to the oakbrook one or the bloomingdale one?? I have to check the liquor next time. I dont see any great deals on the beer but the wine is usually not bad.
Amy, sorry for the long wait on a reply, I haven't been back in awhile.

Anyway, I go to the Oakbrook one. I agree the beer isn't that great of a deal. I don't usually buy the wine either (but would if I were entertaining). I have membership to a local wine shop and receive 2 bottles a month. I buy cheaper wine at Trader Joe's (not $2 chuck) or sometimes even a few box wines. I think they are underrated.

BUT, the price on Sky Vodka & Dewars can't be beat! Check it out!


p.s. It is nice to see someone from the neigborhood. From your posts, I don't think you live that far from me.
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