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OMG! OMG! OMG! We got a call!!! **Pic link in #77**

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I can NOT even believe this and frankly, I won't believe it until she's here--but we got a call from the state about a newborn whose mother relinquished rights today. Father is unknown.

We've been cleared to see her in the hospital and if I didn't have a house full of company (as I type at the kitchen counter AS I entertain! : ) I would be there NOW! In fact, I'm tempted to leave them and go anyway.

She's 7 days old and apparently the product of sexual assault.

Of course, the last time they were going to place a child with us we found out he was never coming about a half-hour before he was due to arrive. So PLEASE wish us luck!

This is, of course, on the heels of the state telling us "We'll never have a placement matching your needs and if your homestudy was done today--we wouldn't even accept it."

And, of course, I JUST pulled the ENTIRE house apart--seriously--in a big way. I didn't get all of it finished today and so my company is making due (thankfully they're the kind that come to see us--not the house).

HOLY MOLY!!! I hope this one sticks. Could everyone send us : ??? We're due to get a call on Monday to have the supervisory meeting and go from there to take our new daughter home from the hospital (since she's already cleared).
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Get your butt to that hospital! Then report back asap Crossing my fingers for you.
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Good luck momma - I'd leave now, too!! Guests be damned LOL
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: Go!
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I seriously would be gone now, but dh is aching to go to and it would be cruel to leave him here with everyone and just leave. I am SO UPSET!!! I did tell the state that we have a housefull tonight of I'd be there and she laughed. Going at noon tomorrow. You SO KNOW I'm NOT getting any sleep tonight!
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:::::::::: :
AHHHHH!!!! I'm soooooo happy for you!!

That is soooooooooo cool!!

Don't worry about the details, they will fall into place. It's sounds as if you were MEANT to have this baby girl. What a beautiful blessing!

And BTW, I'd get your hiney over there to see her!! How on earth can you contain yourself??

Many, many positive vibes headed your way.

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why hasn't your company kicked you out the door yet? Seriously, they'll be ok for a few hours without you, or they could go with you.
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Dude, kick 'em out and BOTH of you go!
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Heather, thanks for the e-mail letting me know to check here. I'm so excited. I've got to get Chris in bed but let me know if there's anything I can do.

Ok, Chris is now too excited to go to bed. He's slightly mad though that there's no picture here. I've tried to explain that you don't have a baby yet but soon.

Hugs. I was just thinking about you guys today.
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Oh how exciting!!!! Lots of good vibes to you and your new daughter.
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Company is cousin experiencing separation and here with his young son. Otherwise, I'd kick their butt out!
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Take them with you! They can wait in the car!! You can run in and love up the baby and then drive home with them. :
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Take 'em with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They can wait in the waiting room! Or raid the cafeteria! Ohmygosh....: for you!
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I bet you are there now holding her!!! Oh how exciting!
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How's it going this morning? Have you seen her yet? Get any sleep last night?

Send me a picture as soon as you can. (I'll even forget that I never got the summer pictures )
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What news! Keep us posted!
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So, it's 11:30 here - which means it's 12:30 there - which means she might possibly be in your arms RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYAAYAYAYAYAYAYAY. Please let us know everything as soon as you can!!! :::::::
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