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I don't know where else to post this, but since I have an infant, this seemed like the best place.

It's coming on 3 months and I still haven't gotten my period. I am not breastfeeding (I had breast implants 8 years ago and it screwed things up so that's not the problem. Has anyone else gone through this? Should I call my OB-GYN??
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sounds normal to me... then again I BF and my period didn't come back for 13 mos with my first child. Even not BFing, it may take awhile. Why is it a problem? Are you TTC?
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I didn't get periods with my first two for almost two years.
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Periods are covered under Fertility, so I'm going to move you there. But it's really common for periods to be delayed when breastfeeding. You may try googling "lactational ammenorhea". Except spell it right because I am sure I didn't.
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I just thought it weird that it's been 3 months. No, I'm not TTC, so I don't want to get preggo. If I get my period, I can go back on the pill, is all.
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Very normal. My son is almost 19 months and I haven't gotten my period yet.
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