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Originally Posted by annettemarie View Post
I told them that I found their commercial to be much more painful than I ever found babywearing.
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I emailed them too!
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emailed them too.
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Originally Posted by Azryel View Post
You know, I find it weird how often parenting techniques that make my life EASIER (breastfeeding, co-sleeping, babywearing) are framed as things that make a mom's life HARDER. I wear my kids in part to keep ME happy -- it's not a sacrafice I do for my kids.

* Jaime
AMEN sister!!!! This is exactly how I felt about all of that. It was easier on me to use a sling than carry in arms my child who had reflux. It was easier to breastfeed than have to go to the grocery store to buy formula, and it was in fact easier to roll over lift my shirt and go back to sleep in the middle of the night that getting up to get a bottle from the kitchen. So yeah here's to lazy parenting!!! woo hooo!

LOL, but seriously this add upset me greatly. Partly because I spend so much of my time teaching people how to correct the common mistakes bw'ers usually make that cause pain. If its done right with the right carrier for your body and age of baby their shouldn't be pain. How ever think about this, if you are carrying an extra 25 lbs for 3 hours it would be reasonable to expect some soreness from it. But that is different than pain.

oh and I did send an email. I want that ad down, NOW. :

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Sent an email. Totally appalling.
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This ad is just bad all around, isn't it?
I know that BWing can hurt, but it does seem like a very discouraging, anti-BWing commercial.
Whatever. I still front carry my 30lb toddler in an Ergo or mei tai, and I'm doing fine.
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Wow. I think it's really odd that they ended up with that as an ad campaign anyway but I don't like it. Babywearing shouldn't hurt and it does make life easier...
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i don't see it? perhaps they pulled it?
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Originally Posted by PiePie View Post
i don't see it? perhaps they pulled it?
Nope, just went to their site and it's still there. . .a video on words saying "I mean in theory it's a great idea" I will shoot them an email today. . .
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The online ad has been pulled. I just posted a response I got from the VP of Marketing on my blog in case you want to see what they had to say:
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: SOOOO glad it's gone!!! WTG BabyWearing Mommies everywhere!!!
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Also, if you go to http://motrin.com/ now, they have an apology up.
Never underestimate the power of the mamas.
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Wow. That's awesome. I'm really proud of all of you! (of us?)
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I'm still tempted to send a letter both thanking them and trying to make sure they understand why it was offensive, at least to me.

If only I didn't have five hours of homework and another five hours of other work to do this afternoon...
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Originally Posted by amygeekgrl View Post
Also, if you go to http://motrin.com/ now, they have an apology up.
Never underestimate the power of the mamas.
Got to give them some credit for apologizing.
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I would like to see a less condesending version honestly. Because sometimes ordinary stuff does cause you to have some pain. When I used the kozy with my son I found it FANTASTIC! Except for the time I had to jog across a giant airport with a 27 pound 18 month old. I needed morphine not Motrin after that!

Sometimes mothering does hurt, but it's worth it, makes the wonderful parts even better.

I think the ad was meant to be tongue in cheek but it sort of fell flat for most.
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Grrrr, that ad made me so mad! I've never once gotten sore in my wrap.
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i can carry my 28 inch 16 lb 8 month old daughter on my front in our Ergo for 4 or 5 hours at a time with no pain or strain on my shoulders or back and i have a low back injury. Now if it was a Bjorn or something like that i wouldn't last 5 minutes w/o pain.
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It made it onto the NY Times blog too: http://parenting.blogs.nytimes.com/2...ms-and-motrin/
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