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Any have or know anyone with a Kindle?

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I have 6 bookshelves double stacked plus books crammed into drawers etc. I have been thinking about getting a Kindle. Does anyone here have one or know someone who does?

I'd love to take all my books to resell and then go buy ebooks...I know that the sale of my current won't replace all of them, but that's ok...

Tell me your thoughts and experiences...$350 is a big Christmas present so I want to know if it's worth it.
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We have one. My DH and I fight over it! The thing I love most is taking it to bed with me. I recently read a huge book on the kindle, and it was so easy to read while I was on my side, or on my back. The real book would have been bulky and too hard to hold. You can buy a book, magazine, or a newspaper in less than a minute from anywhere, at any time! It also has a built in dictionary so you can look up words while you are reading! Sample books are available for you to check out before you buy (sometimes a few chapters, and sometimes just a table of contents and a few pages). My negative comments are pretty minor. Sometimes I accidently hit the page turn bar (it is very sensitive) and I think the unit is pretty pricey, but we got ours for free so...
I am not very tech savvy, and I had no problems with it, so if I can use it, ANYONE can! If you go to www.amazon.com there are many reviews and a lot of information about the Kindle for you to check out!
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I adore my Kindle. Really, it's a love situation.

I am a total bibliophile and really worried that I would miss my books. If there's a book that I need in hardcopy, I buy it. It's worth every penny, and the best gift I've ever been given.
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I have one and I love it. I'm a voracious reader, and I estimate that the Kindle has saved me about 4-5' of shelf space since I got it earlier this year. I've got dozens of books on it, including many classics that cost less than a dollar each, and best sellers I bought the day they were released at almost 1/3 of the cover price. It's a pleasure to use and a real space saver for me, I can't recommend it highly enough.
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Oooh! I'm intrigued.
Do they release all books on Kindle, or just older ones?
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subbing as I'm considering one for dh as an anniversary present
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my dad has one. his life is fulfilled in a way it never was before and my mom doesn't have to twist his arm about getting rid of the stacks of books lying around.

I'd love one too, but there are so many gadgets I'd love and so little money. le sigh.
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check out the books/tv forum. i'm pretty sure there is a big thread in there about the kindle.

unfortunately they aren't available here in Canada
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Here is one thread from Books/TV about it:


I just didn't think to look there...
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Omg I never even knew something like the Kindle existed until I just googled it.
I want one!!
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all my ideas are always stolen!!! i was thinking about how cool it would be to have electronic downloadable books YEAARSSS ago! also i had the idea of cloth dipes that could have sposie liners for on the go runs....about 1.5 yrs ago someone came out with it! i had tried to make one several years ago. weird! someone better stop reading my mind!
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I want one, but there is still no service for the Kindle in Alaska. Sigh.
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I'm a strictly paper kind of girl, but I do know someone who has one--another bibliophile, the last person I would expect to go electronic.* She LOVES it. She reads 4-5 books a week.

She says it's especially nice for travel, because you have just the little device, instead of a stack of books to lug around. The display is really nice--no screen glare, the image is flatter like a piece of paper.

I'm not ready to go over to the dark side, but it was much less horrible than a committed Luddite like myself expected.

*Although it just occurs to me...11 or 12 years ago, she told me that she was addicted to this internet bookstore, "Amazon," and was spending crazy amounts of money there. I thought it sounded ridiculous--who would buy books on the computer and miss the pleasure of browsing in a bookstore?!? Now, amazon is probably our third biggest household expense, after shelter and food. So perhaps I'll come around to the Kindle yet.
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my best friend has one and loves it. It is a seriously cool piece of technology and excellant for avid book readers becasue it is a book store at thier fingertips!
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I've been thinking about but I love books. I love to turn pages. I love to place bookmarks. I love the feel of a heavy hardback in my hand. yeah, I'm a geek sometimes.
So instead of buying a book I would just download a book? Weird but intriguing and I agree with the thing.
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Jeca, I also LOVE books. I mean, my favorite thing to do as a child was to arrange and rearrange my books. I love the smell of them, I love the way they feel in my hands, I love the feeling as I close the back cover. I love all of it.

And I LOVE my Kindle. I love it just like I love paper books. I think it might be like loving a newborn and loving a teenager. You still love them, it's just a little farther away. Slightly more removed.

When I need a book (note the word need, I think it's an illness), I go onto the Whispernet thing and look for a book. My Kindle store has suggestions for me (you know, the people who bought this book also bought...) and the new and interesting books to Kindle. I can read reviews and write reviews, and even check my email in a pinch. We've found directions on my Kindle (while lost) and checked a phone number we had lost. I digress--after I order the book, it's in my hands within seconds (usually about 10-15) and I can begin reading.

It's terrific!
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I am so desperate for this to come to oz, it is probally going to be ages though i want, nay need a kindle
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Originally Posted by battymama View Post
I am so desperate for this to come to oz, it is probally going to be ages though i want, nay need a kindle
I feel your pain. Me, too!
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I had never heard of a Kindle until I read this post. This is soooo cool! I really really really really want one now!

Right now I am running out of space for all my books. This would be so great to have. The only downside that I can see is that I LOVE the smell and feel of books. When I was a kid my Grandparents owned several small book shops. I would spend ages browsing through the books, some of my best childhood memories took place in that shop- I guess I'm old fashoined but I think I would miss actual paper books. With that said, I really could use this to save space in my tiny apartment- the book situation is getting out of hand.
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I like my kindle, but I go through long phases where I don't use it. I love the feel of real books. I love to browse the thrift stores and buy whatever stands out to me. Kindle books are cheaper than buying books new from the bookstore, but still not dirt cheap and the selection is still growing.

Also, you can have up to 5 people (last I heard) on one Kindle account so you can share the books you purchase. That's nice, but on the other hand, it's pretty limited compared to paper books.

I do love that I can look up any word I'm reading, instantly!
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