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Originally Posted by Citykid View Post
Nighten, I hope you don't mind my saying this, but it occurred to me that Winnie is a pretty natural nickname for Eowyn too. Obviously she can't use it, since Guinevere already uses it. I guess it will force you to call her something really cool like Eo, huh? What are you thinking about Eowyn's nickname?
We're bucking tradition and saying no nickname at all. Maybe.

The thing is, Guinevere's nickname is never used in direct reference to her. No one ever actually calls her Winnie (ETA: except her toddler cousin who hasn't seen her since she was an infant, so I don't really count that). It's just a shorter name to type, so we use it when we're writing but not addressing her. So technically, if new baby wanted to be called Winnie at some point, she could and it'd be fine, because we call Guinevere, Guinevere.

Definitely not Eo though. I knew an Io in high school and she was teased for her name. Annie could work -- bit of a stretch, but doable. But truthfully, I don't think Eowyn needs a nickname.

We've revamped our criteria a bit so that if either name (first or middle) fits, then it'll work.
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I just got back from an OB appointment. The office had scheduled me with a different doctor, scary malpractice doctor (who once told a runner/athlete friend to limit her calories to 1200 a day while she was pg so that she wouldn't gain weight and would have an easier time getting back to marathons). Obviously I refused to see him- I was there to see MY doctor, who I see EVERY week for treatment.
Anyway she was at the hospital for a delivery and the nurse suggested I do the 1 hr glucose test while I waited. All of that worked out perfectly, timing wise. But the glucose made me so sick! I ate an egg and a glass of milky tea for breakfast, but I threw it all up right before we left, so my stomache was empty and queasy already. And that is a lot of sweet to drink in 5 minutes. I only made it just as the buzzer went off. And they didn't take my blood first, only after- that seemed weird.
Anyway the appointment went really well, and the doctor had her nurse go to scheduling with me and schedule the next six appointments, so I have a bunch of first-thing Monday morning appointments all set up. Yay!
It was also the first week in over a month that I haven't had any contractions except a few braxton hicks type, so yay again!
And my doctor said how much more she likes doing deliveries with Moms who don't have epidurals, because they're really present and able to do the work themselves and have so many fewer difficulties. Yay!
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Yay, I have some baby things!! I got a Peg Perego stroller free off of craigslist and my neighbor gave me her crib! The bad part is that I can't find the model number and she lost the directions looooong ago. And I bought some cloth diapers from craigslist today! DH is so excited to start using them; we were hunting around the house for something to diaper. I suggested the cat.

I feel silly saying this but I am a bit worried about my weight. I was heavy to begin with (I say I was 188 before I got pregnant but according to the dr I was 190) and so far, I've gained 3 lbs (or 5 lbs if you go by my calculations). I eat when I am hungry, take my prenatal and fish oil and don't eat a lot of junk food (no extra money for it). I feel guilty for being heavy when I got pregnant and that somehow my excess weight is harming my baby. I guess I am just worried that my baby will come out small or malnourished somehow. My dr doesn't seem worried but she did notice that I haven't gained much so far. My body is definately expanding (I've got the stretch marks!) and I feel ok... so maybe I am just worrying for nothing?
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If it helps any, I gained 53 lbs with my first, and he came out 6 lbs 15 oz at 40 weeks. I gained 18 lbs with my second and was pretty fluffy prior, and he came out 7 lbs 10 oz at 41 weeks. : Baby takes what he/she needs, and as long as it's not hurting you, it's fine. My bigger baby was the one I gained far less weight--and I got back to pre-pg weight 2 days postpartum (which was still quite above what I was pre-pg with my first. : )
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If you don't like reading about medicalized appointments, don't read on--it's just an update from my perinatologist appointment today. And since I'm high risk, most appointments are a bit more medicalized than my midwife pregnancy with Ry was.

I'm back from my 28 week appointment! It was really long because they did a regular ultrasound, a 3-d ultrasound, and then had to do dopplers on the placenta, cord, and arteries to check for clots.

And Miss Amelia is weighing in at a whopping 2 lbs 10 oz! Holy cow! She's way above her growth curve now, and what they thought was only going to be a 4 lb baby at birth looks like she's going to defy their expectations by several pounds--we're looking at 6 1/2 lbs at her 36 week date (which would put her at almost what Brandon was at 40 weeks! LOL!). And her head...measuring a whopping 30 weeks already--ouch! So, she's nice and big and growing like a weed--good girl!

She also is back to breech again. The placenta is grade 1, which is perfect for now! And so far, the blood flow through the arteries are within the normal limits, but they have to keep an eye on it.

The doctor said that they are going to skip the steroid shots for now, because she's growing very well, so they don't anticipate having to deliver her before 32-34 weeks (yay!), and if something comes up, they'll just play it by ear. He said if she's growing this well, the major risk is to me, since the shots could cause me to bleed out. So, for now, there's not really a real risk of skipping the shots since she's growing far better than any of us had hoped for!

Other than that, I just have to take more iron supplements because I'm getting anemic again, but nothing else really major. I have another appointment in 2 weeks for another fluid check and growth ultrasound, then every week after that until the 2nd week fo January when she'll be born (and they're going to alternate fluid checks, cord/artery dopplers, and non-stress tests at those appointments).

Here are a handful of Amelia's 28 week pictures:

regular ultrasound...profile

It's still a girl!

And the 3-D shots...foot

Ear, profile, hands, and feet

Now holy cow--it is amazing how much she looks like my other two boys!!


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AllyRae, I don't know if it's just me but the links aren't working for me. Sounds like it was a great appointment, though-- Yay for such good news all around!
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Originally Posted by LionTigerBear View Post
AllyRae, I don't know if it's just me but the links aren't working for me. Sounds like it was a great appointment, though-- Yay for such good news all around!
DOH--that's what I get when I copy my post from another board. Hold on, I'll try to fix them.
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Fixed! I hope. LOL!
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Kssinca as long your doctor isn't worried and you're eating well you shouldn't be worried.
Also, I think pregnant bodies can redistribute weight, you can lose fat while still feeding yourself and your baby really well. I gained too much weight in my first trimester while eating healthily because I was under a lot of stress so I started taking light evening walks while still eating very well so the I wouldn't end up gaining too much.
As a result I haven't gained as much weight in the past few months though my belly has expanded, and the baby is definitely thriving, basically, I think my pudge has redistributed itself because I wasn't moving around enough before and all I changed was adding an evening 1/2 hour walk Also-- light exercise is great for you and helps me de-stress.
If you changed your eating habits upon becoming PG something similar may have happened to you.

I want to make clear to everyone I am not in anyway advocating calorie restriction, or trying to lose weight while PG-- just pointing out that if you suddenly begin eating really healthily upon becoming PG you could be feeding your baby PLENTY and losing fat on your body.
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Oh my goodness, she is so cute!!! Thank you for sharing! It makes me even more excited to meet my own little girl! :
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AllyRae, I'm so glad the appointment went so well and it was such encouraging news! Those pix are awesome. :-) Thank you for sharing them!

My cold is finally starting to abate a bit. I'm relieved. I'd forgotten who enormously annoying it was to be sick.
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OMG! Love the face pics Ally!

I finally put on 6 lbs! Yippee!
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I've gained 28 pounds, but realized just now I've gained 14 inches on my belly.

That's a lot, isn't it? Holy cow. 14 inches. That's got to be a lot.
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AllyRae - I am so glad to hear your appointment went well! And thanks for sharing the lovely pictures!

I have gained about 15 pounds total. I have definitely been putting more weight on with this pregnancy than my last. I am hoping that weight gain will start to slow down!
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AllyRae - Those pictures are amazing! And is that hair on her head or just a shadow? I'm happy to hear everything is going well for you!

I think I've gained about 15lbs. My belly is getting quite big though imo. I'm getting to the point where it can be hard to get comfortable. And when I'm sitting at a desk I feel like the baby is in my ribcage.
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Originally Posted by nighten View Post
I've gained 28 pounds, but realized just now I've gained 14 inches on my belly.

That's a lot, isn't it? Holy cow. 14 inches. That's got to be a lot.
Ok, just for you I measured myself. As I said in my pp, I've gained approx 25lbs so far. I measured my belly, and I've put on 12 inches. Pretty close! I do think it's a lot- I'm very small-waisted to begin with, and right now it looks like I'm hiding a basketball under my shirt!
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I'm just amazed at how freaking huge I am. And not in a braggy fun kind of way. I'm amazed in an almost horrified kind of way. We've still got nearly three months to go. Holy cow. I gave away my best maternity pants yesterday. They're all under the belly and they just aren't working for me at all this time. They're too small. But I loved them. Oh well. I'm glad I have a friend who could wear them.

Now I need to go find some cheap full panel ones....
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Ugh! Me too, Nighten. I'm bigger now than I ever was in earlier pregnancies, even at the very end. I NEVER like full panel pants before, and now I'm just wearing the same pair of full panel pants ver and over and over again! And I don't even LIKE them except for that dumb panel. I wonder if I'll even be able to move around by the end of this pregnancy!

The weird thing is, at my appointment yesterday I measured 25 cm (I'm 26 weeks pg) and exactly the same as last week (I was 24 cm for the two weeks previous). So I don't THINK I should feel this huge, its not like I'm measuring that big, but really! DH asked me last night if the way I feel is how guys with great big beer guts feel. So romantic, my DH! So sweet, and compassionate. The sad thing is, I bet they do- can you imagine, hauling our great big bellies around FOREVER and never getting a baby out of it? Yikes!

Also my OB got pretty mad when she walked into the room and saw me flinging my 2.5 yo into the sir off of my feet. It's his favorite game, where he balances on my feet and I raise him quicker and higher until I fling him and catch him. Then she got mad again at the end of the appointment when I picked him up and started carrying him out of the office. Apparently I'm not supposed to carry a toddler around or fling him in the air? Who knew?
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So we had a doula appointment today but it's now cancelled. She called this am and was concerned about the timing of the birth and the weather/road conditions. She said it could take her up to 3hrs to respond because she has to take her children to a sitter and then drive to my city. Neither of us thought of this last month when we were setting up the appointment. I really liked her on the phone and she was really excited to be part of a home birth. She is still willing to be a back up if I can't find someone closer. But if the roads are bad she won't be able to come. It's very disappointing.

I'm losing my voice now. I'm beginning to think I am never going to get over this cold. How do I tell my toddler not to touch things/break stuff if I can't talk. I sent him to daycare today and I feel so guilty about it.

I got a massage yesterday. It really hurt and I feel bruised today but hopefully this set at work won't be as bad backache wise. She also thinks the pain under my ribs is a nerve pain because of the burning. Which makes sense. I think I might try acupuncture.

I bought a cute little pink gown and hat for the newborn outfit.
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I'm in limbo right now with my doula situation. I found one that I talked to on the phone and really like so far and we've been trying to set up a meeting. Last week, though, she was on call for another client and this woman was in early labor all week so she was afraid to make an appointment with me in case she needed to cancel.
Anyway, the last time I talked to her was on Friday and she said she was going to the dr. with her other client that afternoon and if I didn't hear from her later that night then I should assume she was in the hospital with her and I would hear from her soon. I still haven't heard anything from her. I emailed her Monday morning, and said I was just checking in and hopefully things are going well with her client. I told her I'd be able to hold off until next week because I'll be out of school for Thanksgiving then and have more time to meet during the day. But no word back from her...
I don't want to bother her too much if she has other things going on, but I really want to meet with her and she said she was excited about meeting with us as well and hoping this would all work out. I'm not sure what I should do now... or if I should just wait?
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