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I'd have a difficult time hiring someone to declutter, I would be afraid that they would want to throw away something that was important to me. It would be nice if someone could help me organize things. I know decluttering is a part of that process but I wouldn't want anything to be actually tossed or donated before I gave my approvel to get rid of it.

If you are bonded or insured that would be a big plus.

What about advertising that you can provide an inventory/digital picts of their things so they have them for their home owners insurance, not assigning values to them, but just basic pictures of every object that they have.
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Yes--I actually have hired someone in the past to help organize. She helped me evaluate the storage situation, go through a bunch of things in the garage and get rid of a bunch or find homes for other stuff. She helped me to consider issues like, should I keep these towels or get rid of them? How many towels do I need, anyway? I'm fairly organized myself, but we had just moved across country to this new house and were still trying to fit into it!

I've also helped other people organize stuff. Mostly my mom--who has a veeerrry hard time getting rid of anything. And tends to get stuck obsessing over any given item, or get distracted/sidetracked or want to give up. She also physically is not in good shape to be bending/picking things up to look through boxes/closets or whatever. What she's needed is essentially some hand holding, some tough love, some motivation to just do it and plow through and keep up the pace, and the ability to just park her butt in a chair and have someone else do the actual digging through things and then just present them for her consideration, and then put them into the proper pile (giveaway, throw away, keep, sell). Then actually get the stuff out of the house promptly--that's where a lot of people break down in their intentions--they put things into donate bags or boxes but then they never get them to Goodwill or whatever the final destination.
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I think it woudl be great, but you should be pretty clear and upfront with what you will and wont do. Like...if you get a call from someone whose house is filled with (amongst other stuff, of course) dog feces? when you say "deep clean" are you DCing alongsiude that person, or doing it yourself? How will you work pricing? by th hour or job? square foot? severity of clutter?

i think one more thing you HAVE to give serious thought to is that the people you will be helping are clearly NOt organized people...so when you are coming up with systems/recommendations, you have to take into account that the systme has to be something THAT person sill use day in and day out...this is where i fail, personally.
the day to day stuff...i do NOT put stuff back. never have, never will. So, any system which requires me to cxonstantly put something "in its place" will never work for me. do you have any idea how to work with a person and work with who they are, instead of trying to changethem to be like you are?

Okay..these are just some things i can think of right now...
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Oh I would hire you in a heartbeat. And here's another offer to do my house and I'll give you a great referral

If you were to hire someone, what would you look for in the person?
Someone with energy but not that bubbly/perky energy. Someone who has a great deal of logic and tact.

What kinds of places in your home really need decluttering and organizing?
For us it'd be our whole house but mainly bedrooms and making the most of the one tiny closet we have for storage. We are a family of 7 living in a house designed for a family of 4-5.

What seems to be the main reason you are so cluttered? (lack of time, emotional attachments, fear of wasting, etc.)
Yes. Time, energy, lack of objectiveness. It's such an overwhelming task that someone who knows what they are doing would be a great asset!

Add anything else you can about your clutteredness?
It's strangling us! And it's never ending! I think that when you help someone declutter it would be good to give them tips/ideas/strategies to prevent the clutter from taking over again!

When can you come over?
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I would want someone to run the bags and boxes down the stairs as well as someone to dispose/donation what was leaving the house.
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My house isn't bad, mainly just the basement and closets.
I'm awful at picking storage containers that are the right size and I end up buying bins that I never use. And none of them match.
I don't get too emotionally attached to stuff, but I tend to keep stuff around just because it doesn't occur to me to get rid of it.
Dh, on the other hand, is a packrat. I need somebody to convince HIM to let go of stuff.

I would like someone to help me organize our holiday decoration stuff as well.
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There called "professional organizers" and I have had one come... more then once... at least the house is much better each time! I want one to come again The lady I really like got Valley Fever and closed her biz, for $100 and 5 hours that woman was amazing! I would love to have someone come like every 3 months just to keep things in check if I could afford it. Ok, more like every week
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Originally Posted by Limabean1975 View Post
I think it's a great business idea - but you should put something in your ad that eases people's discomfort/embarrassment. If I had the money, I would hire a deep-clean/organize person, except that I'd be embarrassed for them to see the state of things that need deep cleaning!
This, I found it really helpful that she had before and after photo's of peoples homes she had worked in on her website. No names or anything or family pictures where you might be able to identify the family, just pictures of the rooms/areas and before after. It let me see that I wasn't alone in my mess and her cleaning skills at the same time.
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Originally Posted by Ellien C View Post
I am looking for a professional organizer right now. It's like the only thing I want for Christmas.

Someone to help me without being judgmental. I am overwhelmed with kid stuff. I don't know what to do with everything she brings home for kindy. She wants to keep EVERYTHING - from gum wrappers to torn up bits of notebook paper to the papers OTHER kids leave on the art table at the end of the day.

I just don't know WHAT to do with this stuff. Our family room is also not set-up right - we need some furniture arranging.
Scan it or take a picture of her holding it so you'll always have the memory but feel free to trash the original unless its extra special for some reason and you actually want to frame it and will do so.
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I would love to hire someone to help me organise and declutter my overwhelming amount of photos and scrapbooking 'stuff'. I try and keep up but I now have two big rubbermaid containers full of framed pics, plus an entire bookcase of albums and a few random boxes of loose photos

I loved one of the pp ideas about almost like 'consulting' and how to get both partners on board.

and I do usually hire housekeepers (used to regularly) at least a few times a year - to give me a break and a treat:
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I would say NO. That is what good friends are for.

I was on a flylady group a while back, met a friend there who was also my friend from another club I was in...(actually two friends...one from TOPS and one from LLL).

My friend came over and we went through my whole kitchen together when I only had two kiddos. We got a lot done actually! I also spent about 4 hours with another friend...we got rid of/recycled about 7 trash bags of stuff (her issue was mainly papers we recycled what we could, and the rest was trashed). I was kind of there to give her a nudge when she was sort of wavering/on the fence. She really needed it. I needed it too...for another reason as well...with the kitchen I had my two DD's who needed entertaining LOL.

I'm fine actually with decluttering. I think I do a really good, objective job on myself. I could definitely be a personal organizer if I had the time since I've helped people with it before. But it *is* super frustrating to deal with someone who is not ready to purge. Been there, done that with my mom. SUPER frustrating!
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