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Britax thread

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See this thread for details. This is an AMAZING deal. We ordered one for new baby, even though she likely won't be in it until late 2009 or early 2010 (assuming she's petite like Winnie was), but it was such a great deal, we went ahead and ordered it.


And here's the link to the Target site:


And to the other one that's on sale for $59.99:


I wanted to share, in case others out there are (like us) on a serious budget for baby gear.

Happy shopping!
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Thanks nighten! We bought one, too!
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I saw the other thread and just bought one too! I'm trying not to get my hopes up until I see it on my front doorstep though .
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I was going to buy it and they ran out of stock! I am soooo sad.
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Did you try the cow print one too? You can always order a new cover if you hate the design...
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Yes that one is all out as well. I'm glad everyone else got one, I wish I had pressed the order button more quickly. I've been clicking refresh hoping it will come back into stock
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I'm sorry, Bluebird. I hope it comes back in stock too. There were several mamas on the other thread who posted they bought more than one -- you might PM one of them and ask if they'd be willing to sell you their extra.
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I got two but I didn't see the link here but on another board...no wonder they sold out!
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I'm so jealous! I'm planning on buying a marathon and it's going to cost me $300 in Canada. Unfortunately it's illegal to use a US car seat in Canada .
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well don't feel too bad...

Target canceled all the orders today because they were "mispriced" so nevermind...it was too goo to be true!
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I'm so sad about it. It was one really bright thing in the midst of a really hard financial situation.

Stupid farking Target.
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Last night I logged on about 10 minutes after the last person purchased one....I was a little bummed but I know how these things work b/c my dh is a buyer for a major dept store too. I figured they would do something like this. They really "should have" done the right thing, but ya know....it's Target, they can do whatever they want and you'll still go back, lol!
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